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Four places to buy Bitcoin with PayPal and why you should not! The Crypto Trading

Did you face challenges when it came to buy Bitcoin with PayPal? Of course you did. And so did I. Bitcoin may be the most popular cryptocurrency, but for some it is not lightly accessible. When you want to make your entry te to the Bitcoin world, you look at your existing buying options. For mij one option wasgoed PayPal, the world’s most popular online payment system. But it wasgoed not and still is not effortless to buy Bitcoin using PayPal.

Why can you not buy Bitcoin with PayPal

Well the reaction is plain, its because PayPal does not support Bitcoin. It treats Bitcoins like anyone would treat a competitor.

Whosoever tells you that this is an instant process, may be hiding something. Buying Bitcoin via PayPal is not not instant. If you like to get the coins instantly, you should attempt to find some good cryptocurrency exchanges.

However, lets go through some of the options te which you can get your mitts on some Bitcoins (virtually) using PayPal.

Buy from – Step by Step Guide (affiliate verbinding) claims to be a rapid way to purchase Bitcoins using PayPal. is a fully automated and a peer-to-peer marketplace. What this means is that you buy Bitcoins from another user of the webpagina. acts spil a facilitator.

Sign up to get an account with to kick-start the process. This proces only takes a few minutes.

When you login for the 1st time, you will need to select your country and a telephone number for Two factor authentication. Come in the confirmation code and you are set.

Specify the Bitcoin amount you wish and subsequently make payments using the payment method you choose. Ter this case choose PayPal. You can also choose to pay by Credit Card to buy Bitcoin.

The optie is that your very first transaction will take a few minutes. The subsequent transactions will be instant. You will receive your Bitcoins te your individual xCoins wallet. You can then spend the Bitcoin on whatever you like.

Buy from VirWoX – Step by Step Guide

VirWoX is the leading exchange for virtual currency trading both by virtual of user numbers (approximately 800,000) and the trading volume US $ 38 million. Virtual World eXchange, VirWoX is an Austria-based exchange that specialises te SecondLife Lindens, a currency used ter SecondLife virtual world. Lately there have bot some complaints from users that attempt to transfer BTC to their BTC wallet.

To purchase Bitcoin with PayPal, use the following process:

Click the tabulator ‘Not registered yet’ on the left-placed sidebar to create an account. Key te your Username and your Email Address. Ensure you have packed out all the relevant individual information then click on ‘Register’. On clicking ‘Register’ you will then receive a special email confirmation that contains your password. Open this email, copy that password and then loom te back to VirWox.

After clicking on the special confirmation verbinding, it is recommended that instantly switch this password because it will serve spil the toneelpodium for transferring your funds.

Click the deposit te the toneelpodium’s left side then select PayPal Express. Fund this account with spil much money spil you would like.

Note: From now going forward, each transaction that you conduct will come at a fee-ensure that you are conversant with the pertinent withdrawal and deposit fees.

Go to the Exchange then to USD/SLL spil shows up on the left tabulator side. You are also at liberty to use any currency you choose. Purchase SLL (standing for 2nd Life Lindens). Zometeen, you can exchange the SLL for Bitcoins. This is only possible if you have made a deposit into your account.

Once your account is deposited with SLL, go to BTC/SLL section and purchase your preferred amount of Bitcoins.

Note: At times, VirWox may require an off the hook manual review after this particular step. This can open up spil far spil 48 hours albeit it normally takes about 6 hours.

Select ‘Withdraw’ on your left side then send your Bitcoins to your currency wallet.

Buy from Paxful – Step by Step Guide

Paxful is an exchange which linksaf individuals and investors who are looking to trade Bitcoin for national currencies such spil US dollar, Euro and such. Paxful is a bitcoin marketplace where you buy bitcoins from other sellers. Among the major reasons that make Paxful a popular choice for the exchange of Bitcoins is its diverse payment methods that it accepts. They include:

  • PayPal
  • Amazon Bounty Card.
  • The Western Union.
  • All Debit & Credit Cards.
  • OneVanilla Bounty Card.

To purchase Bitcoins, the process is very elementary when using Paxful:

Its effortless to create a Paxful account. You need to inject your email and choose a password. Login to Paxful with your credentials.

From the menukaart option to buy Bitcoin, choose PayPal and inject the amount you want. You can let Paxful choose the best option for you or find the best yourself. You will be shown a list of sellers and their rates.

Read the terms that the seller has provided. Then you can klapper the green button to Buy Now. This will take you to talk channel with the seller, where the seller will provide his details. The Bitcoins from the seller will then be sent directly into Escrow. Once you overeenkomstig that you have sent all the payments spil you are required to, your coins will be deposited directly into your Paxful wallet.

It is significant that you recall that you ought to finalize your overeenkomst te a given timeframe (generally 30 minutes). A failure to do so will ultimately result te cancellation of the overeenkomst.

Buy from Wirex – Step by Step Guide

Formerly referred to spil E-coin, Wirex combines traditional banking and digital money services. This bitcoin world issued debit card permits for a cheap transfer of money anywhere, anytime. Because it is similar to other typical debit cards, you can use your WirexApp card together with your individual Paypal account. To purchase Bitcoins using your WirexApp debit card, below are the steps to go after:

To sign up with Wirex, you only need a Username, Email Address and several other details such spil birth date. On joining, you are introduced with a virtual card (free). Your world is secured by Bitgo, which is the safest multi-sig currency wallet ter the world. After joining, upload your ID copies and addresses for a prompt KYC (Know-Your-Customer) check then you are done!

Now, add funds using the currency you choose. Use methods that are trusted such spil Paypal, canap transfers, Alipay, and other different available methods available. You can hold this Wirex money either te Bitcoin or Fiat currency depending on your preference.

Click on the ‘Buy Bitcoin’ button, choose the subsequent amount from the balance of your account, and then confirm your payments and that is that! On purchasing Bitcoin using Wirex, there are no charges, therefore, the amount is consistent.

Your account now has Bitcoin which you can send, save or even share with anyone you wish. Moreover, you can use it ter topping up your sensational Wirex card. You can use this Wirex card to carry out several transactions including:

  • ATM Withdrawals.
  • Offline Store types of Purchases.
  • Verification of PayPal Account & Online Purchases.
  • Sending Money across Countries with no charges.

Why you should not buy BitCoin with PayPal

There are numerous resulting cases of chargeback spil claimed by various scammers who purchase Bitcoin using Paypal. Spil such, Bitcoins have bot tainted by the chargeback scammers.

While I made my very first Bitcoin purchase on Paxful, I would still recommend using a good reliable exchange. The charges on all the above are relatively high and their commissions to transfer Bitcoins to you will eat up the value. You can use the above options if you do not have access to other cryptocurrency exchanges.

Let mij know te the comments section, what you think.

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