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Best Bitcoin – Ethereum IRA Companies 2018 Edition

By now, I am sure you have heard about the rising popularity of Bitcoin at some point. And if toevluchthaven’t, you are surely missing out on a lifetime chance.

For those who toevluchthaven’t heard about Bitcoin, here is a simplistic explanation.

Bitcoin is the world’s very first fully functional digital currency. Read Bitcoin’s beginners guide.

Also, for those hearing about the Bitcoin for the very first time, I would strongly recommend involvement ASAP.

I am telling you this not because its a ‘get rich quick’ scheme, but because there is more to that. Bitcoin is real money and not the worthless fiat papers that you HODL.

Bitcoin, since its inception, has suffered many upheavals and proven to be inflation proof till date. Even during the Greece depressie or during the Cyprus depressie Bitcoin proved to be a safe store for your wealth.

That is why I said it’s not a get rich quick scheme but an insurance against ever-growing inflation.

Many citizens across the globe have commenced investing ter Bitcoin for their retirement and some countries have legalized Bitcoin investments for retirement (United States being one such country). Such retirement plans are called Bitcoin IRAs and to make such investments you need to go to specialized IRA companies.

Note: IRAs are Individual Retirement Accounts that have tax benefits too. Speciaal from Bitcoin, thesis IRAs can be now packed with Ethereum too. Read more about US IRAs here.

I have already covered detailed insights on Bitcoin/Ethereum IRAs and IRA companies te my previous write-up so I will not repeat that but I will surely recommend you to go through it for a better understanding.

And for those who have already made up their minds about investing te Bitcoin/Ethereum IRAs by reading the aforementioned article, I will list the best Bitcoin/Ethereum IRA companies.

Top Bitcoin & Ethereum (Cryptocurrencies) IRA Companies Te 2017

Bitcoin IRA is the world’s very first Bitcoin and digital currency IRA company based out of USA.

They are the very very first company who brought this concept to the market te 2015. They are backed by the US government. To make this concept successful, they work with leading financial experts ter the industry and also exercise the highest quality of security to make sure their customer&rsquo,s cryptocurrency funds are safe.

They have to do this because of the nature of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, which are fairly fragile and can be stolen or lost if not stored decently. They use multi-signature wallets such spil BitGo, a multilayer system to provide maximum security for your Bitcoin IRA.

They began off with Bitcoin for IRAs but now they have expanded to other cryptocurrencies too, which means now you can also include Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Bitcoin Metselspecie ter your crypto IRA.

Note: It is presently for US investors.

CoinIRA is the subsidy company of Gerson Financial Group LLC which is a reputed rock-hard of US dealing te precious metals, traditional IRAs, and 401 K plans for the US citizens.

And recently with the advent of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, they have embarked approved IRA services for people who would like to hold cryptcoins ter their portfolio.

And if you have an existing IRA then you can rollover that IRA or 401 K into digital currency IRA through CoinIRA.

The company is good and reliable and even recommended by former US Senator Ron Paul.

Regal Assets is an old player of precious metal industry where they invest te precious metals like Gold and Silver.

Using that reputation, they have also launched themselves into digital gold i.e. Bitcoin.

They have their Bitcoin IRA service under the name of RegalWallets which provides services of custodianship, cold storage, and consultancy of its IRA crypto investors.

Presently, they only permit Bitcoin IRAs but at the same time provide a reliable track record of treating such IRAs funds, after all, it is for your retirement so you need reliable players for this task.

You can embark investing ter their IRA with spil low spil $5000 which includes their fees and other protections like disaster insurance, theft protection etc.

Note: Available to US investors spil well spil international investors.

Broad Financial is a specialized and established company that permits its users to invest te self-directed IRAs. They have bot ter the business for 14 years now, having embarked their operations te 2004. It supports Bitcoin and Ethereum compliant IRAs too.

Their toverfee structure is fairly unique and cheaper than its other crypto IRA peers. They charge a plane one-time setup toverfee plus a vapid yearly toverfee which doesn’t depend on your profit rates.

Also, their cheaper toverfee doesn’t mean they are compromising the security of your crypto assets. Instead, they give the private keys to HODL it with an IRA compliant project plus consultancy. Check out their introductory movie below.

Note: It is presently available only to US investors.

Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency IRA Companies

Spil Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are growing and proving to be a safer hedge against inflation, many established IRA companies are looking to add them.

However, there are a lotsbestemming of legal procedures and do’s and don’ts while getting a crypto IRA. Moreover, you need a trustworthy custodian spil required by the laws of many countries. So if you end up doing this part wrong, your hard earned money for a comfy post-retirement life may vanish te a flash.

Many more companies that are reputed and have some background te maintaining such critical investments are mushrooming with every passing day but one needs to review them scrupulously.

And that’s what wij do here at CoinSutra. Wij review and analyze the best for you.

Some more Bitcoin and cryptocurrency companies that are on my radar for review are:

I have listed them here not spil an investment advice but for your own research and terugkoppeling.

It would be fine to hear from you. Have you invested te Bitcoin IRA? Which IRA company have you chosen? How has bot your practice with them so far? Did I miss any notable IRA company te this list?

Please use the comment section below and write back.

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