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Building a $Three, 500

Building a $Three,500/mo Neural Nipt for Trading spil a Side Project – Indie Hackers

I’m Sebastian Dobrincu, and I’m a software engineer presently working spil a freelancer. I’m also an avid product maker who loves building side businesses.

Hey Sebastian, Could you talk a bit more about what you used on the backend? (programming language, deployment infrastructure, etc..)

Sebastian, have you everzwijn considered using waterput options instead of zekering orders?

Funny you mention the Trading and Exchanges book, every employee at my day job gets a copy. Larry sits on our houtvezelplaat.

Actually I did recently thought about using options instead. However that would require significant refactoring, and it’s not on the roadmap presently.

Haha, that is excellent! The book is zuivere gold and Larry is an amazing instructor! 🙂

Hi Sebastian, which programming language have you used to develop your project?

Hi Marco. Mostly Python and C++.

Could you elaborate on your very productive routine. I have failed so far to set up one. Any advice?

I think this boils down to finding what works best for you. I suggest you proefneming with waking up / going to leger at different hours, getting work done te a certain time framework, exercising more often, eating healthier and getting rid of unnecessary distractions such spil TV, social media and randomly browsing the web.

Once you’re ter a productive mindset it’s so much lighter to keep the momentum going. It’s of course very significant to work on things you love. If you don’t love your work, I suggest you begin a project that truly excites you. That way you can motivate yourself to do the less pleasant work very first and think of the time spent on the other project spil a prize of that.

There are many other things I would suggest you, but it’s truly up to finding what’s best for you. The internet is utter of such resources and you should make use of that. Good luck! 🙂

I guess my nemesis are FB, HN and twitter. Need to work on that. Thanks for your reaction : )

Cool project. I’m a quantitative researcher working at a hedge fund (not HFT), and I’ve built a similar bot (profitable, but not spil much spil yours) after using this book spil a guide. I’ll do some more reading and attempt to catch up to you! 🙂

I truly liked this vraaggesprek. Sebastian, what are your thoughts on value investing?

It’s funny this came up now. I recently got hooked on Robinhood and I’m wanting to build a bot that crawls news articles that refer to a certain company, assesses sentiment, and then makes a trade spil a result.

Based on your practice, do you think trading on such assessments would be worthwhile?

Hi yroc92! I recently did a similar project. I scraped financial news articles (from yahoo), and performed sentiment analysis on those using MapReduce and ultimately compared my sentiments with actual stock prices. I believe this would be worthwhile, but to make a trade, you will have to take care of so many variables! What I learned is, use machine learning to train on available gegevens sets to improve decision making process for the bot! (hint: there are a loterijlot of academic papers available on this topic!)

Thanks for the insight. So rather than simply using current article sentiments, you’re telling it’d be more wise to compare the history of article sentiments and their correlating stock values via machine learning, and comparing that to the current situation, and then making a trade choice?

My opinion is that combining sentiment analyses with deep learning models to predict the price based on historical gegevens would yield good results. Sentiment analyses alone would very likely not be a safe enough source for predictions and therefore automation would be risky.

Hi Sebastian. Your tech and vormgeving capabilities are indeed inspiring. I am interested about your lifestyle. I have Four questions if you don’t mind.

You say that you have &quot,productive and consistent lifestyle&quot,. What is your routine?

How do you get rid of distractions?

How long did this project takes you from researching to production?

what tech stack did you use? i.e. the language/verhoging/framework

very nice article, thanks for sharing!

This is super interesting Sebastian! I’ve bot toying with the idea myself and this vraaggesprek helps mij a loterijlot.

So far I’m still having trouble optimizing my prediction layers, but you might’ve just given mij a good idea!

Glad to hear that Peter! Don’t hesitate to message mij if you need a 2nd thought. ??

HI. Very interesting your article. I have bot working on my own on a crypto trading bot writen ter PHP. It works fairly good. It is opensource, you can get it at

hi,nice article.I have bot working on my own crypto trading bot written te PHP.It works very well.It is opensource you can get it at

Hey Mate I own a btc mining knot with onveranderlijk supply + my own coin. Can wij talk on developing my business a software or profit split etc. Thanks [email protected]

Do you mind sharing what wasgoed the finance podcast you were listening to?

Have you applied your Stock Trading Bot to the futures market?

Are you using any machine learning frameworks? What resources did you use to learn about machine learning? I’ve bot interested ter this for a while, but toevluchthaven’t taken the plunge yet.

I’d say that it is certainly worthwhile revisiting Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets generally. The fact the APIs are tedious and inefficient is a GOOD THING, this leads to a more inefficient market and means that if you can get any stable multi-exchange system running is an advantage te and of itself. Whereas that setup te traditional markets is a necessary beginning point.

If you’ve bot able to find value te stocks then I have no doubt you’ll be able to find value ter cryptocurrency markets. There is a lotsbestemming to be gained, trust mij.

Blessed to give you some pointers one which exchanges to embark (and some historical gegevens).

My twitter is @js_horne if you’d like to talk more.

Jacob, I entirely agree with you. That’s a strong point regarding the advantage of tedious APIs. Spil I said, I clearly have te mind to revisit cryptocurrencies spil I am fully aware of their potential.

Switching to stocks instead wasgoed rather a lazy budge to get things moving quicker. My initial project wasgoed entirely focused on Bitcoin and I might revisit that idea soon.

Would love to talk about this! I’ll get te touch with you soon! 🙂

Hi Sebastian! Have you everzwijn considered cryptocurrency arbitrage? What are your thoughts? Do you think it spil a practical possibility?

What’s the input and output of your specimen?

The input layer consists of statistics of the stock overheen the last Five years (maximum I could get from the current provider), while the output is the prediction overheen the specified time framework.

Barack Wanjawa has a good paper published on building the prototype around predicting stock prices. I found it super helpful te my implementation:

How do you determine when to place a trade?

The bot tracks specific patterns, such spil what usually happens at X hour and determines to place a trade when the predicted profit rate is greater than a certain threshold.

Hey Sebastian, thanks for sharing! What are some of the papers that helped you the most te this process? And could you elaborate on when do you go after the models and when to pauze out of them?

Given the current situation with the markets, it is much more efficient to do intra/day trading and analyze the market sentiment overheen the social networks. You obviously need to analyze lots of reddits, twitter treats. If you determine to go this way, you can find a nice list of all cryptos with their reddit, twitter, telegram URLs at . Basic list is for free, I think that’s all you need.

I like the way you think. Hope you were able to keep scaling up. What toneel did you use to make your automated trading bot?

I’m also working on a bot from crypto with TensorFlow. If someone wants to join mij, please, let mij know: [email protected]

I indeed loved this vraaggesprek. Sebastian, what are your thoughts on value investing?

If it’s not too intrusive and if you’re still monitoring the comment thread, would you mind elaborating on which gegevens you used, why you used it, and what order of precedence you placed on each type? Cheers.

How elementary is it for you to use? For example, do you just say &quot,invest 90$ ter whatever you want&quot, and then it does its &quot,magic&quot,?

Guys, after wij make the Bot to emerge ter the list of trusted Forex brokers wij will not that far off providing him an official status of being with consciousness:D

Hi Sebastian, I have registered on Kite but it seems a Zerodha account is needed. But Zerodha is asking for PAN number which I attempted to apply but I could not input my phone number spil it seems like it just accept Indian number. Greatly appreciate if you could help.

Hey Sebastian, Thanks for sharing your practice. Could you share the research papers you’ve learned from spil well? I’d like to read spil much material spil I can on this. Also, have you attempted other machine learning technologies other than ANN? I’ve bot doing it spil well since summer 2016 and I’m presently adjusting my proefje using convolutional and recurrent neural nets. I’ll see where it leads.

Thanks for writing such an interesting article. how are you testing your algorithsm? i would be interested ter finding out more about the infrastructure around how you test and what you use to trade, who hosts your servers etc.

What is your capital and risk for this comeback? Without that number, it’s unlikely to tell how well this algorithm is doing, and whether it is performing worse than doing nothing at all! If you invested a duo million ter a bankgebouw account at the risk-free rate, you’d be making the same amount vanaf month spil you do now with this bot, but with no effort.

Exactly, Trio.5K is relative. I am nosey to know about the capital and the risk. BTW good article. TNX

Looks like is for indian market is there an option to switch to US market?

Exactly how are you able use which uses, an Indian brokerage house, and not being a resident of India?

Testing it te the US market is the #1 priority on my roadmap. While Kite provided fine devices for bootstrapping the idea quicker, you can only trade Indian exchanges, which ter my opinion is a very niche market. Besides that, I still didn’t give up on cryptocurrencies and that may also be something I further explore.

Is there a special requirement for a foreigner to trade ter the Indian market using Kite or another service ?

Did you look at for the US market? I didnt write my own trading algo with it yet but intent to create one this year. Appearently its an effortless to use toneel.

Yes, Quantopian is among my top picks so far, however it has a few downside I am worried of.

Could you list some of the downsides? I toevluchthaven’t attempted it yet so im just nosey.

One thing I can see is that it’s not clear who has access to the algorithm but a solution could be to waterput it on an outward server.

I wouldn’t be very worried about the security of the ‘algorithm’. There are some other things like commissions and bandwidth that are keeping mij back at the uur.

I’m astonished this article is still up when it seems pretty clear it’s a scam and all the comments on Hacker News agree.

This comment wasgoed deleted Ten months ago.

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