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Digital Citizens Alliance – Darknet Marketplace Witness – Monitoring Sales of Illegal Drugs on the Darknet (Q1)

Illegal drug sales have moved out of the poorly lit alley and into an identically shadowy, dangerous place – the Darknet. Wired Tijdschrift says the Darknet is a “2nd, parallel Internet. Right now it&rsquo,s utter of nasty (or, at the very least, illegal) activity like illicit drug or arms sales, or pedophile rings. The Darknet is populated by precisely who you&rsquo,d expect to be skulking ter the darkest corners of the online world. They have something to hide.”

  • Our research shows that there are now more listings for drugs and almost spil many total listings among DarkNet drug markets spil there were before Evolution&rsquo,s operators ran off. That&rsquo,s even more outstanding when you consider that almost half (49.61%) of all listings for drugs and other illicit goods sold on the DarkNet disappeared when Evolution went down.
  • Additionally, 47% of all drug specific listings disappeared with what had bot up to that point the most &ldquo,reliable&rdquo, webpagina of the DarkNet drug markets.
  • Instead of a large amount of growth concentrated among two or three central players like wij have seen ter the past, our research shows that the wealth is being spread. Wij&rsquo,ve seen 7-8 sites practice significant growth overheen the last month.
  • The next largest competitor left wasgoed Agora, an alternative that is well known and respected ter the online underworld, whose only major flaw is their inability to maintain continuous access to the market. Boasting overheen a third of the drug listings (34%) at the time, Agora looked poised to see the same type of growth that Evolution had experienced after Silk Road Two.0 wasgoed seized spil part of Operation Onymous. However, that has not bot the case.
  • Since Evolution disappeared, Agora has bot plagued by the same lack of accessibility that permitted Evolution to overtake it spil the leading market after Operation Onymous. Agora has a paltry uptime statistic of 55.73%. Tegenstelling that with an average uptime of 94% among the other 14 sites that wij are tracking according to Deep Dot Web.
  • Agora is still by far the largest webpagina and wields 37% of total listings on the DarkNet. However, due to its downtime issues and enhanced competition among DarkNet marketplaces Agora has only enhanced market share of listings by harshly 6%. That is far below the amount of growth that wij expected to see ter the aftermath of the Evolution scam.
  • 8 out of the 12 sites that wij were tracking when Evolution went down have doubled te size te the last month. Sites like Nucleus, Black Handelsbank, AlphaBay, Abraxas, Middle Earth, and Crypto Market have bot the main beneficiaries of this diffusion of listings within the market for illicit goods online.
  • If you look at the increase te listings you will see Nucleus (enlargened by 7,428), Black Bankgebouw (enlargened by 6,696), and AlphaBay (enhanced by Five,853) have all grown significantly more than Agora (enlargened by Trio,533). Te the case of Nucleus, the webpagina has dual the amount of fresh listings compared to Agora since the fall of Evolution.
  • Our Researchers also noticed an uptick te nation specific markets. Wij were not able to gather statistics due to language barriers, but wij are commencing to track sites from France, Italy, Russia, and Poland and hoping to have statistics soon. They are the following:

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