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What affect Bitcoin Price – Top Four Events that will influence Bitcoin Value

Bitcoin has revolutionize the world by being the very first decentralized digital currency. Because of this, since 2008, the value of Bitcoin kept rising from a few cents to it’s high of $1000, two years ago. But what affect Bitcoin price?

Lately, his value began climbing again but this time, bitcoin is poised to shatter all past records and his next parabolic budge could go ter the Five digits. The world could soon wake up to what could be the thickest financial revolution te history.

This is my list of the top Four events that will most likely influence the price of bitcoin ter the near future.

1. Bitcoin ETF

This is te my perspective one of the thickest thing that could influence Bitcoin price and adoption. The winkelvoss brother have filed with the SEC to have the very first Bitcoin exchange traded fund listed on the BATS.

The fresh ETF will permit edge funds manager, stock trader or anyone to directly buy bitcoin on the stock market. With one click of a mouse, an edge fund manager could place an order of millions of dollars te bitcoins.

To purchase bitcoin at the uur, someone needs to signup on an exchange, transfer money from their bankgebouw account and eventually buy bitcoin. Then they need to worry about transfering and storing the bitcoins securely.

Those fresh Bitcoin funds would make it possible to own bitcoin without having to overeenkomst with purchasing and securing it, making it very interesting for investors.

There’s presently two ETF that are working on getting legal approval at the uur.

When they get approved, I predict that the price of bitcoin will go up immediatly. They’re suppose to give an reaction before January next year, so there’s only a few months left.

Two. Bitcache and Kimdotcom

This fresh software is corded to make the price of bitcoin rise. Bitcache is a fresh peer to peer filesharing system created by Kimdotcom, the multi-millionaire who created megaupload. Bitcache will be using Bitcoin to remunerate users who upload and share content.

75% of rekentuig worldwide have at least one illegaly downloaded software. All those people are presently downloading and sharing those files for free. Imagine if they could get paid for doing the same thing. This would obviously skyrocket the usage of Bitcoin te the world and bring it to mainstream usage.

Kimdotcom is one of the thickest promoter of internet freedom. He wasgoed the founder of the peer to peer verkeersopstopping sharing webpagina megaupload who wasgoed closed down ter 2012 by the FBI. At his peak, the opstopping sharing webstek had reportedly 50 millions visitors a day.

I believe Bitcache is one of the largest project Kimdotcom is working on at the ogenblik. Megaupload wasgoed a success and Bitcache is very similar to megaupload beside one major detail. It is decentralize so the government won’t be able to shut it down this time.

Bitcache is schedule to be launch te early 2017. When it comes out, I’ll very likely be one of the very first to download it.

Trio. China and Bitcoin

China exchanges are presently the place where the largest volume of bitcoins get traded everyday. China host the majority of Bitcoin miner farms(Miners are hardware that secure the network and validate transaction) which makes it a major player te the Bitcoin world.

There’s a ample capital flight out of china at the ogenblik that is driving a real estate bubble te the west-coast of the USA and Canada. The pressure has bot easing lately but there is still a massive outflow of money leaving the country. Chinese are afraid to see the Yuan devaluate any further.

When more Chinese will find out that buying Bitcoin is the easiest way to transfer money out of the country, Bitcoin could go te overdrive and wij might see one of its largest bull run te history.

The outflow hasn’t began fully embarked yet but wij should see a rise of rente ter bitcoin spil more economic unrest wiggle the country.

Four. Global Market

The global market is undoubtedly something i’m watching cautiously at the uur. Bubble and burst have kept happening ter the economy because of the manipulation of the markets by governments. Wij are presently ter a much thicker bubble than wij were te 2008.

After 8 years of keeping the rente rate at zero procent and continuous quantitative easing programs, the US government has led the way to what could be one of the greatest bubble te history. The central handelsbank has effectively no more ammunition left te case of an economic downturn.

Bitcoin has proven itself to be inversly correlated to the market which makes it a fine hedge against this artificially inflated market. Bitcoin wasn’t around during the last financial keerpunt of 2008 but it wasgoed still able to climb to incredible high.

When this bubble burst and people wake up with a dual digit lost ter their retirement funds, they’ll look to waterput their money te a safe heaven. Bitcoin will be te a prime position to receive this influx of capital and it would be 2013 all overheen again when Bitcoin rose 10X ter just a few months.

Why those events will affect bitcoin price?

There is 21 million bitcoins that will everzwijn be created. Not one bit more, it is written ter it’s code. This makes every Bitcoin more valuable spil more people come in the market.

The dollar gets printed at an alarming rate and loses value every single year. Even gold or silver suffer the same problem by being mine.

When request grows for a good and the supply remains linear, the price has to come up, this is basic economics. This is indeed very good for everyone who hold bitcoins.

Has the events I just described unfold, more and more people will begin buying, using and trading bitcoin. Because of Bitcoin limited supply, the price will soar spil more people commence using it, the price increase will attract more people, creating a self-reinforcing loop.

My price prediction for 2017

I’ve wrote a postbode before called Bitcoin price prediction where I look into the economics behind the price of Bitcoin and what wij should expect te the near future.

I think that mass adoption is only a few steps away and this is why I am very bullish on Bitcoin. My prediction is that Bitcoin will pass 1200$ during the beginning of next year.

If you want to diversify make sure to check my best cryptocurrency to invest ter 2016.

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