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Best Blockchain-Powered Marketplace of Services, CanYaCoin

Why CanYaCoin?

CanYaCoin Sale is now overheen

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CanYa is built for a decentralised future.

A Global P2P Marketplace of Services Powered by Blockchain

CanYa gives you the freedom to hire local experts and skilled professionals anywhere ter the world.


The CanYa ecosystem is powered by CanYaCoins. Pay for services, access premium app features and get rewarded—all with CanYaCoins.


A single, trustless and automated payment system permitting payments te a broad multitude of cryptocurrencies such spil Bitcoin, Ether, Dash and Monero.


Want more choice? Add your credit card to pay for services or withdraw straight to your canap account. Practice the power of cryptocurrency ter your daily life.


Decentralised payments, decentralised governance, decentralised storage and, eventually, decentralised compute. CanYa is built for a decentralised future.

The global market is $2tn, with 200 million users.

Spend Cryptocurrency on Services

Trustless Payments

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The Roadmap

Founded ter 2015, with a functional app released te late 2016,

CanYa is maintaining an aggressive timeline

to build a fully decentralised ecosystem.


Soft Launch


Coin Sale

Global Launch

CanYa Two.0

Advanced Matching


Total Decentralisation


The CanYa founders envisage a global marketplace of services where quality is the concentrate. Vormgeving starts.

CanYa self-funds and builds an MVP app featuring fiat payment gateways. Beta launches te Australia.

Soft Launch

CanYa soft launches ter Darwin, Australia, which results ter a rapid uptake and high organic growth. Web-app development embarks.


Advisory houtvezelplaat and key members on-boarded. An sensational pre-sale sells out prompt and raises A$1.Five million ter less than a day.

Coin Sale

The ICO will support global expansion and raise the necessary capital to integrate a cryptocurrency payment layer and build a decentralised ecosystem.

Global Launch

CanYa will launch a refreshed, feature-rich application globally.

CanYa Two.0

The updated app will feature an in-app translation service, movie calling, chat-bot functionality and advanced desktop features.

Advanced Matching

Advanced ML algorithms will intelligently match the best providers with the most suitable job requests.


Decentralised governance features will be integrated, permitting CanYa users to contribute to and earn from the operation from the system.

Utter Decentralisation

Decentralised storage and compute layers will be added. The CanYa ecosystem will be powered downright by its users and their resources.

View the Community

There’s never bot a better time to join our fast-growing community.

“The fact that CanYa wants to create a podium where you could lightly hire local experts, skilled professionals anywhere ter the world for basic tasks, services is a spel changer ter my eyes & I want to be a part of the journey!”

“I believe ter this project because you are helping thousands of people around the world to get the best pricing on service, not only that, you are attempting to revolutionise cryptocurrency to be used ter the real world for people services.”

“Skilled services is one of my passion fields to work with, since CanYa already has a working product, I would very much like to be part of the history making te blockchain technology of p2p skilled services.”

Outsource Jobs, Enhance Your Professional Profile

Join our thriving online marketplace and embark exploring the benefits of doing business on CanYa.

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