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Bismuth – The very first Python blockchain toneel

Based around modularity and efficiency with ready-made decentralized applications.

Turing accomplish public and private contracts.


Bismuth is a fresh blockchain protocol and a toneel at the same time. It has an innovative treatment to database scaling, introduces the concept of private contracts and thresholds the contract execution to users willing to participate, while keeping them publicly verifiable.


Hyperblock technology permits transactions to be compressed regularly, reducing the size of the blockchain to the amount of accounts present te it. Presently it saves 96% of RAM usage and enables users to save spil much drive space when their client is configured only for hyperblocks.


OpenField permits users to save their gegevens into the blockchain, including private and public messages, communication with decentralized application interpreters, document fingerprinting for legal purposes, ingewikkeld operations for shared-state contract execution.

Applied Robotics

Professor Geir Hovland, PhD. from University of Agder co-authored the innovative nonlinear terugkoppeling control mechanism used for diffciulty retargeting ter Bismuth. For the very first time ter history, blockchain meets top-level technology from robotics.


Bismuth will support numerous cryptographic algorithms, signing and address formats to protect users from quantum attacks. The mix will include current RSA, SHA224, freshly introducing ECDSA (SECP256k1) and BLAKE2b

PoS Oracle

The masternode vormgeving for Bismuth under development includes a secondary proof of stake blockchain to collect metrics independently and without interference te order to prize users who provide reliable knots.

The Next Generation Contract Prototype

Bismuth solves the scaling issues of the challenging platforms by not forcing contract execution on the knot operators, but isolating it ter knots interested ter participating. This permits for an entirely fresh class of private contracts, which can be executed inbetween isolated participants using private key encryption. One of such contracts is the transaction anonymizing mixer with a public source code, which has bot operating and used for months.

Focused Database Scaling

Bismuth ledger scaling is focused around the gegevens storage optimization, which ultimately lies ter the treatment to the database architecture. Hyperblock technology and custom-made indexing are used to save only the gegevens that are relevant to a particular use case such spil token or zogenaamd operations. Ter that way, users do not have to run a total knot and keep all the gegevens, because it can be selectively stored into hyperblocks using the compression method and added to indexes using the extraction method.

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