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Cashaa – s (CAS) Token Will Make Money Transfer to India Effortless

Fresh off the press is an announcement from Cashaa about their latest accomplishments and agreements made with: HitBTC, IDEX, and BitExpo to be among the very first exhanges to list Cashaa’s (CAS) Token on their exchanges. It goes without telling that this is a big win for the company and those of us here at Crypto Daily News are certain it’s not the last good news wij hear from Cashaa who aims to fix the remittance market te Two of the fattest emerging markets around the globe.

For those who are unacquainted with Cashaa, and what they’re aiming to do wij strongly encourage you to check out their webstek. With almost $20-million raised during their ICO period, Cashaa is looking to make some big strides ter 2018 to do a multiplicity of things which can be observed from their product roadmap below:

Of course, with any fresh venture comes upheaval, disruption, and uncertainty – but those of us who know the Cryptocurrency industry well enough know that this is not unusual for an industry that itself is prone to: disruption, volatility and switches happening almost every-single-day that may at times seem daunting. Wij applaud Cashaa for how they’ve treated the post-ICO process with their participants, and are looking forward to eyeing what they do next!

How Does Cashaa Make Money Transfer to India Lighter?

Instead of us reiterating what has already bot said many times by the people who are closer to the subject than wij are, wij feel it may be more beneficial to include the original email text below:

Fine News! This is going to be an amazing year. Cashaa has finished its 2017 token sale raising overheen $Legal million with our stringent KYC, and now wij are presently ranked Top 20 of the 100 Most Influential Blockchain Companies worldwide.

The Fresh Year has begun and wij would like to introduce HitBTC, IDEX, and Bitexpo, spil thesis are the very first of the global exchanges that have agreed to list Cashaa token (CAS). Another win ter the books for Team Cashaa and the Cashaa family!

Do You have other exchanges You wish to see Cashaa on?

One of our community members has began a petition for the Cashaa Community. This process will take only a few seconds, but together wij can make a difference te helping Cashaa achieve our goals. Do your part te reaching out to your dearest exchanges today!

If you’re still scraping your head attempting to figure out what this has to do with those who want to perform money transfer to india, then let us simply say this: Cashaa is building a global crypto banking podium to eliminate the traditional fees, rates, and associated costs with sending money abroad (that presently exists sending via traditional banks).

While indeed it may be a large endeavor to conquer going against the likes of: Bankgebouw of America, Pursue, Citi Canap, and many Credit Unions across the U.S. and U.K. wij’re certain Cashaa will not only achieve their goals but also disrupt the banking industry te a way that will lead to a better financial and banking system for everyone.

Witness the Movie Below to Learn more About How Cashaa Helps

Make Money Transfer to India Lighter

To learn more about Cashaa and how you can get involved be sure and visit their webstek.

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