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How Much Bitcoins Can You Earn With Bitcoin Faucets Te An Hour, Top Free Bitcoin Sites

Wij all know that an easiest way to earn some Bitcoins is by visiting Bitcoin Faucets and claiming prizes from their offerings. It is a free way of getting some Bitcoins and the best Faucets are featured on the pui pagina of Top Bitcoiner webstek.

But you won’t get rich by claiming the prizes from the Faucets. Thesis are measured te Satoshis and not te Bitcoins. One Satoshi is 0.00000001 ?. That’s a 1 on an eighth place after a decimal dot. It is not much.

Usually Bitcoin Faucets offerande from 20 Satoshi to around 1000 Satoshi vanaf voorkoop. It depends on their type and your luck. You can get all details when you visit our favourites list and detailed reviews of individual Faucets.

So, how much can you indeed earn ter an hour, te a day ter a week? It depend on huis patient you are and how much time do you spend visiting various Faucets.

Let us do an one hour test

I will do a test for you. I will sit behind the rekentuig for an hour and do nothing else but ‘Bitcoin Faucet Surf’ and write down every voorkeur that i will make. Then I’ll anatomiseren the gegevens and make a report.

What is your guess how much will I make? I don’t know either. I’ll frantically guess that Ten.000 Satoshi could be possible. But wij will know for certain te an hour.

How will I do this test?

I will begin the timer and visit every Bitcoin Faucet that is on our favourites list. Some of them permit mij to visit them more than once, every 15 or even Five minutes. I will have BitVisitor open all the time and I will revisit Faucets with timers several times.

If I will be fortunate with a eis I’ll make a screen capture of it. Otherwise I’ll be only claiming and writing down thesis claims.

Are you ready? Lets us commence!

After An Hour Of Bitcoin Faucet Surfing …

I am back and I voorwaarde say that I am pleasurably astonished. I have collected Legitimate.815 Satoshis or 0.00018815 Bitcoins. At current exchange rate this represents $0,0708. It is not something that your mother would be ecstatic about but it is a welgevoeglijk amount. And gained totally free.

I admit I got slightly fortunate once. FreeBitco.ter talent mij 5312 Satoshi instead of their usual 532. If I take this into account it is still 14.035 Satoshi. See the proof bellow.

A Pleasant Verrassing At FreeBitCo.Te

The Analysis

Let us play with numbers a bit.

Amount gained: Eighteen.815 Satoshi.

Average: 285 Satoshi vanaf voorwaarde.

Very first half an hour wasgoed total of Faucet loading, CAPTCHA typing and clicking all around. Then it got quieter. All hourly Faucets were claimed for and all i had to do is to periodically revisit the sites which are my usual favourites: BitVisitor, QuickBitcoin, Moon Bitcoin, ChronoFaucet, Coin Checkin,,, Alein Faucet, …

If I draw a line and divide thesis two phases I would say that the very first phase brought mij 14.484 Satoshi and the 2nd chipped ter Three.856 Satoshi. The difference is visible.

The Conclusion – A Pleasant Verrassing

After an hour of Bitcoin Faucet Hopping I’ve got more that I expected. It wasgoed a real time test but for the statistical validity I would have to repeat it many times. But the objective of the test wasgoed achieved. To attempt and see how much can you earn te an hour from visiting Bitcoin Faucets and claiming the prizes they offerande.

I won’t go into any further conclusions, predictions and projections – for now.

Your Opinion?

I invite you to share your opinion with mij. What are your private practices? Are you spil astonished with the outcome spil I am? Thank you and blessed Bitcoin Faucet Surfing.

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