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Stellar (XLM) – Lisk (LSK) Druppel te Price, Many Coins Suffer

Most of the cryptocurrency market remained fairly stagnant te price fluctuations across the day. Most coins were only watching minor gains/losses aside from Litecoin (LTC). However, spil the working day comes to a close, two top coins are watching major losses, and many are scraping their goes.

Stellar (XLM) has a lightning prompt cross-border payments system and is set to be a strong contender for the coin of the year, with a strong support group. However, the coin is losing some major steam on the market today. Lisk (LSK) just rebranded today, yet its price is steadily pulling down – but why?

The Stellar team has yet to provide its loyalists with any update ter regards to its future upgrades or partnerships. Since the coin’s value comes merely from its usability, have XLM’s followers lost faith te the coin? A Stellar holder and loyalist by the name of ‘Crypt0W0rld01’ posted five hours ago on a Bitcoin talk forum and said:

“It truly wouldn’t kill Stellar to maybe provide some updates every now and then. Maybe a peek at what’s being worked on, partnerships being pursued, etc. I’m not telling I want this to turn into Tron or Ripple where every week is another pointless announcement just to excite the market. The roadmap wasgoed witty, I got a good laugh out of it, but it’s not surprising to see a loterijlot of investors getting frustrated and leaping ship. Everyone is left te the dark right now. No one has a clue what the team is working on, partnerships they’re solidifying, etc. Who knows, this could all be by vormgeving.”

That wasgoed just one of many similar comments. It remains unknown what the actual cause wasgoed of this price plummet, spil it very well could be that it’s just falling like the surplus of them because of funk selling. However, thesis loyalists have spoken, and they request answers.

At press time, Stellar Lumens are trading for $0.38 a coin, down -13.74%.

Lisk has just recently dropped below NEM, Ethereum Classic, Tron and VeChain and is now sitting at the 17th spot. Today, the project rebranded with a fresh webstek and logo. It isn’t so much big fresh switches but a re-focus of its goals.

There wasgoed a major price run-up spil many anticipated this rebranding but since then it has downright dropped off unexpectedly. Did users just buy on the hype and then sell when they gained a profit? I’m unassured. The fresh webstek will go up tomorrow, so maybe investors are just confused. Stay tuned for more developments on this matter spil they unravel tomorrow.

At press time, LSK is trading at $25.12 a coin, down -15.71%.

What are your thoughts? Are you holding XLM and LSK and astonished too?

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