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Trading Chart), Crypto Coin Desk

This movie is not intended to substitute your own analysis. Be sure to conduct your own technical analysis before proceeding with any transaction. The analysis here is to help you find potential areas of high activity and major importance ter the market. After that, you should use a broader range of implements, spil wij fully explain …

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31 thoughts on &ldquo,(Trading Chart)&rdquo,

Wij will be running with a fresh format te 2018 for our weekly technical analysis movies. This will develop more overheen the coming weeks so please let us know your terugkoppeling and excuse any slight teething errors!

If you want to see the other currency pairs already this week (rather than next Sunday) please let us know.

Have a good week te the markets!

I think the fresh format is superb, indeed good to hear the insight you bring from your thought process.

Would be keen to hear your take on the other two currency pairs spil well. Or even a mid-week analysis on the two you’ve covered te this movie

Many thanks for your content!

cant wait for the tmp movie!

Thanks Nick … and all of the team. I liked the old format, like this one also. A suggestion…. stay with this and perhaps the last or very first movie of the month, the old format to provide an all round view. Personally, spil a very slow learner, I indeed appreciate you going overheen the detailed explanations of exactly what and why you choose specific points again and again. Excellent use of the zoom thesis days, so much lighter to go after, and much better educational utility. Excellent presenter and superb listener also … good job…. thanks all again.

I’m sure a lotsbestemming of us appreciate what you do, do spil many spil your time permits ?? to be fair this helps mij out on getting embarked, I traded a demo account and it’s going well so far.

You were right on that 22:20, market went down for a brief term day trade.

This is good bro, you get to explain everything after verifying the gegevens, so when you upload you’re truly uploading thesis analysis movies with 100% confidence. I like that you’ve drawn out te advance.

Thank you Nicholas!

I can only 2nd the opinons of the others here – the fresh format is fine. I understand that weekly analysis is meant to pick out the markets to concentrate on but I fight to see clearly how to do so. If you would take a few moments to explain what to look for and how wij can expect the market to behave on lower time frames, that would be good. Thank you for wonderful teachings!

Very informative! Thanks

Also, the fresh format is superb.

Love this treatment, detailed and precise. Very educating – It can be fairly overheen whelming to take ter the informatie from 6 charts all at once (well for myself anyways), so a more ter depth analysis on a select Two/Three suits mij better. Thanks…

I love this fresh format of your movies. Proceed the good work!

A good lesson – fewer charts with more detail is excellent.

Hi there, I like that lines are now more &quot,set ter stone&quot, rather than ad hoc.

Could you please clarify what is considered a breakthrough? At which point the point of resistance switches? Is it once candle figure closes overheen the line (say a baseline trendline) OR is it then it touches the line afterwards?

GBP/USD ?? simplified explainations would be very nice, tho’ I would call myself an advanced trader or analyst, I don’t understand everything you say. Might also be due to your english or the rhythm. Good movies never the less.

Thanks for the movie ! I like the old format better because I find that taking only high probability trades works better (trading only truly significant levels and staying away from a loterijlot of the details).

You should voorkant more pairs te the Sundays!

excellent movie, Like the fresh format spil it goes more ter depth into how you think and wij can learn more this way spil opposed to a quicker analysis of more pairs.

I love this fresh format and the detailed way that you explained all the levels and your interpretation of the market, this adds a loterijlot more value to us, and IMHO is the best way to use the time instead of drawing the levels live. Thank you Nicholas!

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