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Continuing Toonbank Reformation

The Tegenstoot Reformation of the Vatican’s Jesuit Order did not end back ter the 1600s – or more accurately, the Roman Catholic Inquisition did not end during the 1800s ————————————————————- open their eyes, te order to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to Heerser, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and an inheritance among those who are sanctified by faith te Mij. Acts 26: Legitimate NKJV

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Ten Years of Continuing Toonbank Reformation

June 2007: the very first month of Continuing Toonbank Reformation

Wlodimir Ledochowski wasgoed a Grind aristocrat who by 1906 had demonstrated such exceptional abilities ter international diplomacy that Jesuit Superior General Franz Xavier Wernz (under whose tutelage Pacelli had done his postbode graduate research ter canon law) appointed him Consultor General for Germany, Austria-Hungary, Russia, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, and Poland, spil well spil Belgium and the Netherlands.

(resum) The Papacy since 1870 has bot te a position where practically everything turns upon the personality of the Pontiff and his choice of advisers. There can be no more mediocre Popes under whose nominal guidance matters can go on te commonplace routine. Every successor of Peter now vereiste make a big mark ter the history of the Church for good or bad. If he is not very strong, he will be found lamentably powerless. There is no longer any middle course.

(samenvatting) Prussia, the very first Protestant Power ter Germany, is the main support of German Protestantism, spil, according to Moufang, France and Austria are the main supports of Catholicism. It is plain, therefore, that Austria and France were to give help against Prussia. The winged words of Cardinal Wiseman, which he uttered about 1850, that THE DECISIVE BATTLE AGAINST PROTESTANTISM WOULD BE FOUGHT ON THE SANDS OF THE MARK OF BRANDENBURG, have thus their political sense.,36,895,1528&source=bookclip&hl=plus#v=onepage&q=wiseman&f=false Kulturkampf 1874: The War Inbetween Prussia and Rome

‘But Ultramontanism is not a religious belief, it is a political system: and that political system is ter my opinion essentially hostile to the principles on which the constitution of this country wasgoed established at the Reformation and at the Evolution. It has bot ter every age and ter every country, and it still is the implacable enemy of Religious Liberty and Civil Freedom.’ Tormentor William Harcourt, on his appointment spil Solicitor General, spoke spil goes after to the electors of Oxford and the world at large ‘Sacred Heart’ of the ‘Mother of War’ Ultramontanism from the blog ‘Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit’

19th Century Jesuits “Fervently Ultramontane, Faithful To The Sacred Heart, Fierce Defenders Of Pope Pius IX And The 1870 Definition Of Papal Infallibility And SuspiciousOf Liberalism Ter All Its Varieties”

Dr. Nicholas Murray Kamerdienaar, who met Father Ledochowski ter 1930, wrote zometeen that “everyone ter Rome I wasgoed told that Father Ledochowski would rank spil one of the two or three greatest goes of the Jesuit Order,” an estimate which would group him with such studs spil Ignatius Loyola, [ April Nineteen, 1541 to July 31, 1556] the very first [Jesuit] general, Francisco Borgia, [July Two, 1565 to October 1, 1572] the third, and [Claudius] Aquaviva, [Feb Nineteen, 1581 to Jan 31, 1615] the fifth. from a premature Fresh York Times obituary of December Ten, 1942 Wlodimir Ledochowski: Last of the Excellent Roman Generals

It wasgoed during the twenty-seven year Generalate of Father Wlodzimierz Ledochowski (1915-1942) that the traditional character of the Society received the firmest stamp and clearest definition since the Generalate of Claudio Acquaviva ter the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. One might even say that Ledochowski insisted on fidelity to the structure of Jesuit obedience, wasgoed an almost without mercy disciplinarian,and maintained a stream of instructions flowing out to the entire Society about every detail of Jesuit life and Ignatian ideals. He know exactly what Jesuits should be according to the Society’s Constitutions and traditions, and under strong mitts of two fairly authoritarian Popes, Pius XI and Pius XII, he reestablished the close ties that had once linked papacy and Jesuit Generalate. Ledochowski, te fact, talent renewed meaning to that old Roman nickname of the Jesuit Father General, “the Black Pope. Just spil Pius XII can be described spil the last of the excellent Roman Popes, so Ledochowski can be called the last of the superb Roman Generals of the Jesuits.

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