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Karma app is decentralized too and executes te different servers.

Decentralized cross-border

p2p loans ecosystem

All participants work directly with each other. People can create lots of different types of relationships, and can determine for themselves which ones are effective and which are not.

can interchange directly to each other

At Karma ecosystem anyone can play any role: involve fresh members, escrow, transaction vervoer, analytics, scoring, underwriting, insurance, currency exchange hedging, lawyers etc.

Each community member earns money and reputation for useful deeds: involving fresh investor or good borrower, hi-quality scoring, asset management, analytics, insurance etc.

At Karma investors give their money directly to borrowers. Community members can opoffering any loan conditions: with collateral or without it, with rente rate or without it, with mandatory repayment or without it.

Open market and high number of bids will speed up the evolution. People will choose the best types of relationships for different situations by themselves.

Effective SME proprietor from Latin America can attract money from Swiss investor, who has a negative deposit rente rate te his country.

The ecosystem of thousands of hedge funds and currency exchange risk insurers will be ter a competition to create the best option for risk minimization. Local lawyers provide keurig e-contracts. Local agents provide debt recovery.

Due to blockchain technology Karma doesn’t rely on single server or hosting provider, and can provide sustainable service.

The gegevens is securely stored te a decentralized network. Karma app is decentralized too and executes ter different servers.

Anyone can connect the server to the Karma delegates’ network and earn money storing and processing gegevens.

Cryptocurrencies and tokens, via bitShares technology. Real Estate. There’s already an API te Russia, Sweden, Saudi Arabia and Ukraine and there’ll be more. Goods and services. Automatic p2p-factoring is already exist. Gold and other digitalized assets: Digix, ChronoBank, BankEx.

Every debt is transferable and splittable.Loan can be provided ter fiat currencies via banking API and automatic payment commentaries analysis.

After the statistics accumulation: loans issued ter internal Karma tokens. A phat step to barter onmiddellijk interchange economy.

All interaction processes te the ecosystem are automated spil much spil possible and don’t require a physical presence: electronic loan and surety contracts, reassignment of obligations, collective claims, collateral registration and release, currency exchange risk insurance.

Loan approval time is spil low spil possible, and the loan itself is easy-to-use for borrowers: semi-automated scoring, one escrow account for bulk repayments for all investors, payment auto-split to numerous investors via smart-contract.

Automated scoring: Big Gegevens, Machine learning. Scoring based on reputation accumulated after several successfully finished contracts. Social networks linked, online commercial gegevens fastened (Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, Ali, Spark). API for outward scoring algorithms. Regular online re-scoring: control overheen actual borrowers’ KPIs. Lots of hackathons for developing fresh scoring algorhytms.

Social-responsible ecological scoring: If someone toevluchthaven’t passed the scoring at traditional handelsbank, he’s just get refused. Ter Karma he gets the tips on how to grow his score, he also gets the mentors list and special education courses.

Each participant of the transaction commits with his money and reputation. Wij create strong community based on mutual responsibility. If somebody fulfilled the obligation, his Karma is growing up. If he failed —it goes down.

Also, Karma switches for everyone involved te contract: who brought the borrower into the ecosystem, who sureted for him, who scored his quote spil positive.

Powerful instrument for ecosystem growth. Goods and services manufacturers can lightly involve their loyal customers spil an investors te the growth of their business. If someone loves the goods they can crowdfund the manufacturer.

Karma itself is not only a financial market. It creates opportunities to promote manufacturers worldwide, involve fresh distributors, and stir to the fresh markets.

One can sell his goods or services today and supply them zometeen. It’s like a forward contract, for example: to crowdfund real estate construction at the early stages (day-usage-tokens instead of square meters), agricultural businesses to crowdfund their harvesting (potato-tokens), for air tickets or tours presales.

Profitable for investors: significant discounts, or re-selling tokens at the exchange for profit.

Profitable for manufacturers: make money today, make turnover quicker, promote his own goods and services, payments with his own goods and services.

This is a foundation for the barter economy like Swiss WIR.

Developed own scoring strategy with stable and positive results More than Ten years of practice te portfolio management ter financial industry: Troika Dialog, Sberbank, Ancor Invest. International CFA-certified financial analyst.

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