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Manage Your Bitcoins with Electrum – Make Tech Lighter

Te February 2014, one of the largest bitcoin exchanges at the time, Mt. Gox, lost overheen $463 million worth of user bitcoins. Numerous other online wallets, exchanges and markets have lost giant amounts of user funds.

There are fairly a number of excellent local bitcoin wallets available. Electrum is a lightweight, GUI bitcoin wallet that is very effortless to use and set up. It uses a mechanism called Plain Payment Verification (SPV) to verify bitcoin transactions. This enables you to have a small-sized wallet on your system, compared with Utter Knot clients, which can use spil much spil 2GB. This article shows how effortless it is to set up and manage your bitcoins with Electrum.

Note: Electrum is available for most platforms, including Windows, Linux, OS X and Android. Ter this article, wij will be dealing with the Linux (Ubuntu) version.


For Ubuntu, you need to install some packages very first. Run the following directive to install the dependencies,

then install Electrum by running

For the most latest Windows and OSX versions, visit the Electrum download pagina.

Create a Wallet

The very first time you run Electrum it will ask if you want to create a fresh wallet. There are different types of wallets available. The standard wallet is most likely what a normal user would want. A wallet with two-factor authentication has an extra security check (which becomes very useful if your laptop is compromised), using TrustedCoin. A multi-signature wallet is a special type of wallet which consists of separate wallets, usually on separate machines that have to be used together to access the funds.

A seed is then generated for your wallet. Thesis are a sequence of words that enable you to recover your wallet te extreme cases. Preferably write this down on a lump of paper and store this securely (think safe deposit opbergruimte). Your wallet can be entirely recovered from its seed. Do not just copy and paste it te a verkeersopstopping on your desktop.

The next step is to choose a password for your wallet. The normal rules about passwords apply. Use a non-dictionary word, preferably with numbers and a mix of upper and lower case letters.

Your wallet will then be generated. Wait patiently until it’s finish.

While your wallet is local, bitcoin payments can only be made through connections to remote servers. It is advisable to let Electrum wagen connect.


Electrum is very effortless to use. There are tabs for effortless navigation.


View a list of all transactions that have occurred on your wallet. This includes sent and received bitcoins.

Send Bitcoins

To send bitcoins, click the send tabulator, inject the recipient bitcoin address (or voeling name if te your contacts, or bitcoin zogeheten), inject a description (which is optional and is not sent to the recipient, it is only shown te the history tabulator), and amount. If the amount is less than what’s ter your wallet, Electrum helpfully indicates this by displaying the amount ter crimson.

Receive Bitcoins

From the Addresses tabulator you can receive bitcoins into any of the addresses under receiving. Dual click (or right click) on any of thesis addresses to vertoning a druppel down list. The “Receive” tabulator enables you to come in an address (with message and amount), which is then used to generate a QR code that you can then distribute to those who will be sending you bitcoins. Received bitcoins will automatically show up te your wallet spil long spil Electrum is online.

Add Voeling

If you have contacts that you transact with frequently, the contacts tabulator can be very helpful. It helps you associate people with their bitcoin addresses.

Security Considerations

1. Do NOT under any circumstance have your wallet seed sitting te an unencrypted opstopping on your laptop. Preferably do not have it on your pc at all. Write it down on a chunk of paper or ter a book. Your wallet can be retrieved using this seed ter case of mishaps.

Two. Electrum supports cold wallets. This is a wallet that is not connected online at all and only used for signing transactions. Consider using cold wallets if you have a substantial amount of bitcoins.


Think of bitcoin like you would real money. Would you palm overheen your hard-earned contant to a person you don’t know on the Internet? Certainly not, so why forearm overheen your bitcoins? Do due diligence, find an online wallet that is registered te your country with a known address or store and manage your bitcoins locally.

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One comment

Would it work to waterput the seed on a hardware-encrypted flash drive or te an encrypted verkeersopstopping on my laptop? I’m not sure I can keep track of a lump of paper.

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