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Bitcoin Arrives at the Superbowl, CryptoSlate

Superbowl advertisements give some of the best exposure on earth – with an estimated 111.Three million people tuning into FOX last night. Of course, Bitcoin has never spent any money on advertising – it’s a decentralized toneelpodium with no centralized, controlling bod. So when Bitcoin pops up te a Superbowl commercial for TD Ameritrade, it’s a pretty big overeenkomst.

Financial institutions are beginning to see that cryptocurrency is an unavoidable asset to the future economy. And similar to the way oil companies start to bet against their own technology ter efforts to get through a total collapse, banks are playing both sides of the field with p2p currency.

Bitcoin Futures

For the majority of Bitcoin retail investors, Bitcoin futures may be a bit confusing.

Bitcoin futures is a way to lower the risk of losing money on Bitcoin. Basically, investors who inject the contract agree to buy or sell Bitcoin for a certain price at a certain date. That way, investors know what price they will buy/sell at and they are okay with it because it has bot predetermined.

Bitcoin futures are the only investment product that banks will overeenkomst with at the uur, and most likely the only way the Superbowl advertising committee wasgoed going to permit Bitcoin to emerge te one of their commercials.

Despite all of the hype, Bitcoin futures experienced a very underwhelming very first month of trading.

Bitcoin Ter the Mainstream

The most significant thing one can take away from Bitcoin futures premiering ter a Super Cup ad is that Bitcoin has arrived te everyday conversation.

Of course, with the Bitcoin downturn overheen the past few weeks, former Superbowl champ and cryptocurrency investor, Richard Sherman, vereiste be especially glad that he told his grandma not to buy Bitcoin a few months ago.

A fresh asset class is being fortified ter real-time – billions of fiat dollars are being invested into mining and infrastructure to support cryptocurrencies, and no matter what the price may look like at the ogenblik, the multitude of businesses that are a part of this fresh economy aren’t going to turn off overnight.

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