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Circle Rolls Out Cryptocurrency Investing App to 46 US States – The Bitcoin News


Fintech startup Circle has opened up early access to its fresh cryptocurrency investing app, providing most US customers with instant, commission-free cryptoasset trading.

On Tuesday, the Goldman Sachs-backed company sent emails to users who had participated te Circle Invest&rsquo,s beta testing program, informing them that it had released version 1.0.1 of the mobile brokerage toneelpodium, which is available on both Apple and Android.

Circle Invest &mdash, whose tagline is &ldquo,crypto without the cryptic&rdquo, &mdash, provides retail investors with exposure to Circle Trade, the company&rsquo,s high-volume institutional trading desk. Unlike institutional buyers, however, Circle Invest users can purchase spil invest spil little spil $1. The company does not charge commission for the service, albeit it says the spread inbetween buy and sell orders is approximately one procent.

Circle Invest Screenshots (Android Version)

At launch, the app supports Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Metselspecie (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Ethereum Classic (ETC), and the company&rsquo,s webstek says that &ldquo,more are on the way.&rdquo,

Investors can purchase cryptocurrencies instantly, but users who manhandle this feature by making purchases with insufficient funds te their linked checking accounts will have their capability to make instant buys revoked.

All user assets are stored offline te cold storage, and the podium does not presently support cryptocurrency deposits or withdrawals.

Due to regional differences ter money transmission regulations, the app is not presently available ter Minnesota, Hawaii, Fresh York, or Wyoming, tho’ Circle says it is working on becoming available ter Fresh York &ldquo,very soon&rdquo, and recently-passed legislation ter Wyoming may permit it to soon inject this jurisdiction spil well.

Circle is the latest fintech heavyweight to add cryptocurrency functionality to its product line. Stock investing app Robinhood recently added cryptocurrency trading to its brokerage toneelpodium, albeit this feature is presently only available ter five states. Square, meantime, offers Bitcoin trading to most US Metselspecie App users and &mdash, unlike the current implementations of the other two apps &mdash, permits users to withdraw their coins after performing AML/KYC verification.

Each of thesis companies looks to supplant industry giant Coinbase for preeminence ter the lucrative first-time buyer market. Historically, this demographic has bot predominated by the San Francisco-based rigid, which wasgoed almost universally considered to be the most convenient place to onboard into the cryptocurrency ecosystem just a few months ago.

Google search gegevens indicates that public rente te cryptocurrency investing is at a relative low-point. but thesis three platforms promise to give Coinbase a run for its money once the next bull market embarks.

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