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Dignitaries, Pundits, and Bigwigs Expose Their 2018 Crypto-Predictions – The Bitcoin News

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets have bot utterly bearish overheen the past six weeks straight, and many investors are waiting for the light at the end of the voetgangerstunnel. Last year around this time wij reported on a multiplicity of cryptocurrency dignitaries, pundits, and bigwigs and they exposed to us that their outlook for 2017 wasgoed exceedingly bullish. Now even after the long run of latest bitcoin market dips many blockchain industry luminaries and outside investors are still remarkably optimistic about cryptocurrency markets te 2018.

The &lsquo,Wolf of Wall Street&rsquo, Thinks BTC/USD Markets Will Top $50K But Then Crash

Everzwijn since December 16, 2017, cryptocurrency markets have bot on a downward spiral that seems never-ending. BTC/USD markets reached an all-time high globally touching $Nineteen,600 vanaf coin and have since dropped to $7,200 six weeks straks. Many traders are calling out different &ldquo,bottoms&rdquo, spil some think the storm is almost overheen and others believe the price of bitcoin may druppel even further. However with all the &lsquo,doom and gloom&rsquo, charts and different &lsquo,bottom calls,&rsquo, many cryptocurrency investors and industry executives believe 2018 will be just spil phenomenal for bitcoin spil it wasgoed last year.

On January 31 the infamous &ldquo,Wolf of Wall Street,&rdquo, Jordan Belfort explained during a latest vraaggesprek with the entrepreneur Patrick Bet-David that he doesn&rsquo,t believe BTC is a scam. But he does believe Wall Street investors can lightly manipulate the decentralized currency&rsquo,s markets. Belfort thinks bitcoin will top last year&rsquo,s all-time high, and explains to Patrick Bet-David that the cryptocurrency will likely top $50,000 before pulling down significantly te value.

Fundstrat&rsquo,s Tom Lee: &lsquo,Crypto Remains Intact&rsquo,

Three days ago the investment rigid Fundstrat&rsquo,s Tom Lee published a report that details even with the current bearish sentiment he is still bullish on bitcoin. Lee believes BTC/USD markets will reach $20K by mid-year and $25,000 by the end of 2018.

&ldquo,It has bot a terrible few weeks, but the fundamental positive story for crypto remains intact,&rdquo, the head of research at Fundstrat Global Advisors stated.

Past sell-offs were followed by rallies of

150% within 84 days,&rdquo, Lee said. &ldquo,Ter other words, wij think the risk/prize at thesis levels warrants adding here, even if there is extra downside.

Nine Executives and Investors Predict Cryptocurrency Prices by the End of 2018

This week the survey and decision helper webstek surveyed nine well-known fintech investors to see their cryptocurrency predictions for 2018. Cryptocurrencies included ter the investigate include bitcoin core (BTC), bitcoin contant (BCH), Cardano (ADA), Ethereum (ETH), and nine other popular digital currencies. Survey participants te the research include Clayton Daniel of Fintech Founder, Michael Dunworth CEO and co-founder of Wyre Inc, Joseph Raczynski from Reuters, and more well-known executives.

According to the survey , the participant&rsquo,s cryptocurrency average price predictions (USD) place bitcoin core (BTC) at $14,928 by March 1, 2018. By the year&rsquo,s end, the nine candidates say BTC/USD markets will top $43,472. Contributors also believe that bitcoin specie (BCH) will be $Two,167 by March 1, and $Three,083 at the end of 2018. The survey taken ter February shows panelists believe Cardano (ADA) will have the most prosperous price climb this year (+1,669.52%) reaching $Ten.63. Further, each participant commented on each prediction and why they believe cryptocurrency markets will reach thesis levels.

&ldquo,I think [BTC] will voorstelling promise from scaling solutions, and ETFs platforms integrating the buying/selling component will provide broader reach for market adoption,&rdquo, explains Michael Dunworth the CEO of Wyre.

&lsquo,Wij&rsquo,re Truly Still at the Beginning Stages&rsquo,

Jen Greyson, the founder of the Neureal Network who wasgoed named one of the top eight women te crypto this past year by Chipin says cryptocurrency adoption is just getting embarked.

&ldquo,Spil adoption te the space proceeds, wij&rsquo,ll see a rise te bitcoin along with other altcoins &mdash, The usability of this fresh asset class proceeds to be a hurdle,&rdquo, says Jen Greyson, CEO of the Neureal Network.

Spil wij find more opportunities to use crypto to pay for landbewoners and rent, wij&rsquo,ll see a continual uptick te the values across the houtvezelplaat &mdash, Wij&rsquo,re truly still at the beginning stages.

Above all the mainstream media headlines predicting bitcoin&rsquo,s price will proceed downwards towards zero, there&rsquo,s still many individuals who believe bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies will proceed their triumphant runs te 2018. Most of the time, unless there&rsquo,s some market phenomenon the old telling &lsquo,what comes up, voorwaarde go down&rsquo, is usually keurig. But at the same time, it is typically true for when markets succesnummer a &lsquo,bottom&rsquo, &mdash, Usually, the market is corded to go up.

What do you think about thesis luminaries, pundits, and executives crypto-predictions? Let us know te the comments below.

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