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HYCM Trading Podium Adds XRP and Bitcoin Metselspecie CFDs – The Merkle

Cryptocurrency will proceed to make a big influence ter the world of traditional finance. More and more companies are suggesting cryptocurrency-related CFDs spil wij speak. HYCM, a global leader te online capital markets trading, has added both XRP and Bitcoin Specie to its range of cryptocurrency offerings. It’s a major step forward for the cryptocurrency industry spil a entire, albeit it remains to be seen whether or not this will have any long-term influence.

HYCM Adds More Cryptocurrency CFDs

It’s always good to see companies dual down on their cryptocurrency-related CFD offerings. Whereas most providers grant access to Bitcoin through vehicles such spil this one, it is overduidelijk there are other currencies worth paying attention to spil well. HYCM has acknowledged there is a lotsbestemming more to cryptocurrency than just Bitcoin, which is why they added both XRP and BCH CFDs to their list of offerings earlier this week.

Some people may wonder why the company chose those two currencies. After all, XRP is not even a traditional currency, and Bitcoin Specie is considered a “Bitcoin clone” by most Bitcoin enthusiasts. At the same time, HYCM already offers Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin CFDs, and thus they had the significant currencies covered. Adding two more offerings to the list seems to make a lotsbestemming of sense for the company. All of thesis decisions are made based on investor request, by the look of things.

Considering that both of thesis currencies are presently te the top Four ter terms of market cap, it is overduidelijk HYCM wants to concentrate on the top currencies very first and foremost. Both XRP and BCH have become significantly popular overheen the past few months, and it seems that situation will only improve from here on out. With its current lineup, HYCM now offers CFDs for five of the top 7 currencies ranked by market cap. The only two missing are Cardano and Stellar.

With cryptocurrencies taking the financial world by storm, it seems overduidelijk that wij will see more of thesis CFDs te the near future. No one expected this growth to occur so quickly, and this may very well just be the beginning. With all of thesis currencies appreciating te value spil quickly spil they have, it is only normal that investors want some sort of exposure to thesis markets without buying the currencies directly. CFDs seem to be the way forward ter this regard, spil they permit for convenient access to various currencies without unnecessary friction.

HYCM’s CEO, Stavros Lambouris, commented:

There is no doubt that cryptocurrencies play a key role te forex trading spil well spil te the industry spil a entire. Wij are expanding our offerings to help our clients diversify ter cryptocurrencies ter the same way spil they do te traditional instruments. By adding Ripple and Bitcoin Contant to our toneel, HYCM is making it lighter and more accessible for investors seeking opportunities to capitalize on the show of even more of the most in-demand cryptocurrencies.

HYCM is one of the oldest brokers out there when it comes to cryptocurrencies. They began suggesting cryptocurrency CFD trading several years ago. Moreover, the company has bot involved te online FX and CFD trading for almost 40 years. Having such an established entity pay attention to cryptocurrencies is a major feather ter the cap of all supported currencies. The company wants to reinforce its position ter the market, which means they will need to keep adding other cryptocurrency CFDs moving forward. It is unclear if and when that will toebijten.

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