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Ease and Disbelief: Bitcoin Reacts to Unexpected – 2x – Suspension

The tweets came rapid and furious, almost quicker than the articulation.

After months of anger and debate, a group of businesses and mining firms that use bitcoin’s software to provide services all of a sudden shuttered an attempt at switching its rules. Scheduled to be introduced te mid-November, the Segwit2x software had emerged spil a controversial bogeyman, a cloud of uncertainty overheen bitcoin’s future, that quickly talent way.

Among those who had for months spoken out against the proposal, and what they perceived spil a violated understanding of how protocol development should proceed, euphoria wasgoed overduidelijk.

“Segwit2x hardfork has bot called off! Common sense prevails,” exclaimed litecoin creator Charlie Lee. “Waterput a fork te it, it’s done,” tweeted author Andreas Antonopoulos.

Developer Akin Fernandez, one of a legion of bloggers who have stood staunchly against the proposal, tweeted succinctly:

Indeed, the strongest voices te the initial reaction were those who had joined a long-simmering protest movement called “NO2X,” which accumulated the support of dozens of companies and users, who displayed their opposition by adding a prefix to their social media names.

The social media behavior, launched ter the wake of Segwit2x’s announcement ter May, did much to highlight the differing perspectives of the proposal.

An open-source software that requires a diversity of stakeholders to agree to its rules to operate – bitcoin’s major companies, developers and mining pools have each taken a different view of development and how decisions about updates should be made.

Forged ter an invite-only meeting, criticisms of Segwit2x came largely from developers, many of whom didn’t necessarily object to the idea larger blocks were needed, but a culture that had sprung up around startups that largely lacked a framework of reference for how network switches had bot made, or even the various ways te which switches could be made.

Spil such, the news could be read spil a culmination of a debate that began ter 2015, when former bitcoin maintainer Gavin Andresen sought to galvanize rente te a block size switch. Since then, several attempts have bot made to tweak this facet of the software.

However, despite its stakeholder support, Segwit2x now joins bitcoin classic, bitcoin unlimited and bitcoin-xt spil proposed softwares to fail to build up adoption based on the idea.

Unexpected ease

That said, even many of Segwit2x’s advocates were loosened the agreement wasgoed suspended.

“I am glad it is overheen,” said Fellow Corem, a former miner who signed the original Segwit2x agreement ter May. “It wasgoed the right call.”

Others hinted at the hostility their public support had brought, and the tactics used by volgers of the “NO2X” segment. Members of the group were often criticized for disparaging remarks and attacks made against Segwit2x volgers.

“I guess I can now pay more attention to more fruitful technical pursuits than following the news and fighting trolls online,” said Segwit2x developer Jean-Pierre Rupp.

The acrimonious debate has bot almost unceasing on social media channels such spil Reddit and Twitter, at the peak leading to alleged death threats.

Due ter part to this environment, there wasgoed a sense the Segwit2x proposal wasgoed not spil welcomed by the community spil participants had originally expected.

“Wij’re loosened. The purpose of the NYA wasgoed to bring the community together and keep the majority of the users on the same chain for at least a little while longer,” Peter Smith, CEO of cryptocurrency software provider Blockchain, wrote ter a blog postbode.

Others argued much the same – that a hard fork to increase the block size makes sense, but only if the agreement achieves support from all corners of the ecosystem.

“Wij are big ventilatoren of enhancing the block size, spil our customer truly get impacted by the fees, but wij want to see it done ter a responsible way that brings the entire community together, and takes into account more voices,” said founder and CEO Ron Hosepipe.

Fresh solutions

Still, there’s a strong sense that bitcoin still needs to scale, somehow, te the future, spil it seeks to accommodate fresh users.

“Wij’ll either bring thicker blocks to people [with bitcoin], or wij’ll bring the people to fatter blocks [on bitcoin specie],” developer Peter Rizun told CoinDesk.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the news that a block size increase would not be pursued wasgoed very praised by volgers of the Lightning Network, a proposed off-chain microtransaction network that seeks to budge bitcoin transactions off the blockchain itself.

“Now that 2x is officially donezo, excited to get back to work building long term solutions like Lightning!” Lightning CEO Elizabeth Stark tweeted.

However, while the news today could position Lightning spil a likely solution, the big advances that show up needed to get the network off the ground are now likely to come under scrutiny.

On display at Scaling Bitcoin, a two-day technical conference at Stanford University this weekend, were the challenges yet to be solved with the technology. This includes ensuring privacy ter transactions and better understanding the economics of their interactions.

Spil noted by Hebrew University’s Aviv Zohar, presenting fresh work on the subject, larger blocks may ultimately be needed to optimize the network.

Ter this way, speculation is already building that Lightning will not be enough, or that it will take too long to take off. Spil such, some think that businesses will embrace alternative protocols such spil bitcoin contant, an alternative bitcoin with a larger block size, or litecoin, founded te 2012 spil a voertuig for swifter merchant payments.

“Wij may embark watching more and more businesses stir to bitcoin specie for on-chain transactions, due to the high cost of transacting on bitcoin, which is what Segwi2x wasgoed attempting to solve,” Civic CEO and co-founder Vinny Lingham told CoinDesk.

Jake Smith,’s business developer and a long-time supporter of on-chain scaling, said he sold his bitcoin instantaneously after the news klapper. His comments, while epistel, showcase how volgers drawn to bitcoin’s possibilities spil a peer-to-peer metselspecie have bot waterput off by the news.

“Bitcoin just signed it’s own death warrant, spil far spil I’m worried,” Smith added.

Likewise, OpenBazaar lead developer Chris Pacia, whose company moved to distance itself from the proposal last week, said more companies would likely turn to other options.

“[Segwit2x] didn’t truly make sense after the bitcoin metselspecie fork,” he said.

Not the last

But while there is makeshift ease, there is also fresh thinking about bitcoin’s future.

The key thing that sets bitcoin exclusief, to many, is that it’s a decentralized, digital way to budge value that no one entity controls. And to some, Segwit2x’s failure simply showcase’s the strength of the technology ter defending against influences that could undermine this.

Bitcoin developer Bashco pointed to the long line of attempts to increase the block size or undermine developers via such proposals, implying there will be others down the line.

“They will munch their wounds and regroup,” the developer told CoinDesk.

This view speaks to the idea Segwit2x wasgoed best considered spil an attempted “takeover” of bitcoin, te that developers behind it wished to rewrite the cryptocurrency’s rules without getting utter agreement from the community.

A controversial budge wasgoed also the decision by Segwit2x developers to liquidate code that constituted what has bot described spil “replay protection,” meaning the fork could have bot executed te such a way that user funds could have bot at risk if two chains emerged.

Still, some used the news to call for switches to the culture and community, especially those that keep te mind how governments or authorities could use similar methods to omkoopbaar or harm the protocol te the years to come.

“[W]e vereiste proceed with the research into forks and chain splits and building implements and defenses because it will almost certainly be attempted again,” Bitcoin Core contributor Eric Lombrozo told CoinDesk.

Bitcoin developer Matt Corallo, who had publicly feuded with high-profile members of the Segwit2x group, voiced a similar opinion that sought to appeal to unity.

“Let’s take Segwit2x’s failure spil a learning practice – bitcoin’s community is strong, and needs to broadly support any switches to bitcoin’s overeenstemming rules,” he tweeted.

Others were more grandiose, hinting at the expansive narrative that has seemed to shroud what some outside the industry may see spil a benign numerical switch.

Pseudonymous bitcoin blogger WhalePanda tweeted:

“Wij won this battle . but they will keep coming to demolish bitcoin. Wij will not leave behind.”

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