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Download and Setup – WANKCOIN

You can download the WANKCOIN client for Windows or Linux.

NOTE: If you are presently running version 0.8.6,

you Voorwaarde upgrade to version before block 46550.

* Initial release for Mac. Problems? Voeling us.


  • DigiShield and per-block difficulty adjustments will now begin at block 46550. Please upgrade to this wallet version asap.

  • Implementation of DigiShield (embarking at block 46750)
  • Per-block difficulty adjustments (beginning at block 46750)
  • Updated OpenSSL
  • wankcoin.conf included te Windows installer for fresh installations (will not overwrite existing conf files)


Here is an example configuration opstopping you can download for your client. Where to place this opstopping is explained below.

wankcoin.conf (Right-click the listig with your mouse and choose Save verbinding as… from the popup menukaart.)

NOTE: Please read the verkeersopstopping and be sure to switch the rpcuser and rpcpassword to something you choose. Do not share it!

To setup your client, go after thesis instructions.

NOTE: From version 0.8.7 onwards, the Windows installer will waterput a basic wankcoin.conf opstopping ter the configuration directory. When you commence the Wankcoin wallet, it should automatically connect to the network and start syncing. If you are not using the Windows installer, have problems, or wish to solo mine on your own machine, please go after the instructions below for modifying your wankcoin.conf verkeersopstopping.

1. Embark up wankcoin-qt, wait for it to fountain, then abandon the application.

Two. Setup wankcoin.conf (You can download a sample wankcoin.conf verkeersopstopping from the listig at the top of this pagina.)

If you project to solo mine, you will need to edit this opstopping. If not, you can skip to step Trio.

Open wankcoin.conf te a text editor and uncomment the rpcuser, rpcpassword, rpcconnect, rpcport, daemon, and server lines. Next, switch yourusername to the username you want to use, and yourpassword to the password you want to use. Here’s what the wankcoin.conf verkeersopstopping looks like before your switches:

Three. Copy the wankcoin.conf verkeersopstopping into your settings directory.

  • C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Gegevens\Wankcoin\

Here is a very general step by step guide for those unacquainted with Windows XP paths:

  • Click on the Commence spijskaart and click on My Pc. This will open up Windows Explorer.

For Windows Vista/7/8:

Four. Restart wankcoin-qt and it should connect and commence to sync gegevens with the network. This could take a few minutes. Your WANKCOIN client setup is now finish.

For solo mining, wij have provided information on a few options below. Unluckily, wij cannot assure the reliability or ease of use of any of the programs listed below. WANKCOIN is based on Bitcoin, so many of the same programs used to mine Bitcoin can be used to mine WANKCOIN. If none of the programs below works spil you would like, others can be found with a quick internet search for Bitcoin miners.

Cgminer (Windows) You can download the latest cgminer here. It is a directive line program that can be used if you are running an ASIC miner or have an Nvidia or AMD/ATI GPU.NOTE: There have bot some reports of Google Chrome labelling thesis files spil malicious. If you’re awkward with proceeding due to this, you can attempt one of the other miners below.

To run cgminer, you would use a guideline similar to the following example:

cgminer.exe -o localhost:9335 -u yourusername -p yourpassword

GUIMiner (Windows, Linux) An alternative to cgminer is GUIMiner, available here for Windows or here for Linux. It can be used for Nvidia or AMT/ATI GPU mining, spil well spil CPU mining. CPUMiner (Windows, Linux, Mac) Another alternative for CPU mining is cpuminer, available here. It is a guideline line program. The default download is for OS X, so be sure to download the verkeersopstopping suitable for your operating system (located under the “Files” listig). DiabloMiner (Windows, Linux, Mac) One last alternative is DiabloMiner, available here (information here). It is a directive line program that requires Java 6.0 or higher to run. It can be used for Nvidia or AMD/ATI GPU mining.

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