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Get Embarked: Invest ter Bitcoin Using Your Brainy Phone

Invest ter Bitcoin Using Your Wise Phone

You very likely heard about Bitcoin from your friend and how he/she wasgoed able to multiply his/hier investments by investing ter bitcoin. It’s true. I wasgoed able to multiply my investments 3x by investing ter CryptoCurrencies.

Already interested? Don’t worry! Today wij’re going to train you how to buy Bitcoin using your smartphone. Let’s get commenced!

  • Internet connection
  • Funds (of course! wij’ll be buying bitcoins right?)
  • Coins.PH application and account

Very first things very first, to get commenced wij need to add funds to your Coins.PH account. There are a lotsbestemming of ways to do this, but ter this tutorial, wij’ll be using 7-11’s CliQQ / ECPay. I like cashing-in using CliQQ because it’s instant and you don’t need an ID to verify your identity.

Go to 7-11 and find the machine that looks like this.

Ter the screen of the machine, click the e-money option.

CLIQQ Machine, Select E-Money

Then click the option if the menukaart that will be shown. After that click cash-in.

CLIQQ Machine, Select

A menukaart will show-up like the one ter the photo. Come in the voeling number you used to register your account. Then come in the amount you wish to cash-in.

CLIQQ Machine, Come in amount

After click done, a receipt will be printed by the machine. Get that, and take it to the cashier then pay.

CLIQQ Machine, Printed Receipt

Now that you have some metselspecie te your account, it’s time to buy some bitcoin.

Te your phone, open the Coins.PH application.

CLIQQ Machine, Wallet Instrumentenbord

Then come in the amount you wish to buy. After coming in the amount, swipe right!

CLIQQ Machine, Wallet Convert PHP to BTC

And there you go, by now you should have some bitcoin. Effortless right?

  • Bitcoin is ter its early stages so invest only what you can afford to lose
  • If the price dips after you buy your bitcoin, don’t funk. Wait for a day then that’s the time you determine what to do next.
  • HODL! (hold) This means that if you indeed want to earn some money then it is better to let the value grow overheen time (Two weeks maybe?)
  • Secure your account with 2-Factor Authentication. There are a lotsbestemming of hackers nowadays and wij at Geekstamatic, have seen a lotsbestemming of them. So take care of your account.
  • And don’t worry about cashing-out because it’s indeed effortless. Wij’ll do a postbode about that soon.

If you wish to inject CryptoCurrency trading, then observe out for the next step. Wij’ll train you how to buy other CryptoCurrency and get you embarked ter no time.

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