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How can I deposit Cryptocurrency to? HELP CENTRE

Crypto deposits can be made using your CEX.IO deposit address from your individual wallet. To find your CEX.IO deposit address please click here and select your desired coin for deposit. You will see your deposit address on the screen.


Is it possible to mine directly to user’s ETH deposit address?

For example, I’m using ETH pool. Can I use ETH deposit address from for payouts?

What is the minimal ETH value permitted for deposit? Is there any toverfee involved depositing 0.1ETH?

For example, Poloniex market permits depositing 0.1ETH, but it will be only shown on account pagina once 1.0ETH is reached (so, 0.1ETH payput from pool will be registered and avaliable for trading once 1.0ETH is reached – total ten 0.1ETH payouts from pool).

1. 100 confirmations are required for Ether transactions.

Two.Ondergrens deposit amount is 0.001. If the amount is less than 0.001, the funds will not be credited to your account.

Trio. Wij do not support Ethereum transactions generated from wise contracts. Please, send ETH te traditional transactions only.

Excellent news, everything what miner want’s at incredible rates – from VISA payouts to low transaction fees. You are the best!

Also I left behind to notice that wij do not charge any toverfee for ETH deposit to CEX.IO

Do I use the same wallet ID for BTC and ETH?

BTC and ETH have different deposit addresses which can be checked by pressing the deposit button on your wallet pagina.

I can’t seem to find an option for ETH deposit on the webstek, and on the application it says: “System error. Can’t get fresh address for symbol ETH”.

How do I fix this punt?

Found it, and application error immovable. Thank you

The deposit pagina does not have an icon for ETH, but if you switch the currency type on the left of the crypto currency, then ETH shows up by BTC. Please add ETH to the banner across the bottom or some other way to find it.

Also, it would be nice to have an instruction pagina on how to set up ETH deposits from ‘geth’. It wasgoed nice using the BTC mining pool GHASH.IO had a very nice deposit instruction. breathe, the good old days.

ter order to see your depositing address, simply open this pagina, and press “deposit” button which corresponds to the ETH:

If any further assistance is needed, you can always voeling us via [email protected]

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