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News Non-Resident Indians Can Buy Bitcoin Ter India Using NRO Account

Non-resident Indian citizens (NRIs) are one of the largest contributors to the Indian economy for foreign exchanges, and even however the cryptocurrency toneel ter India has bot flourishing, thesis people were missing out on the Bitcoin party.

However, NRIs can now love buying and trading Bitcoin ter India using their NRO account.

One of India’s largest Bitcoin exchanges, CoinSecure, made an announcement today about opening their services up for NRIs.

From today onward, an NRI can open up a CoinSecure account and use their NRO account to deposit or withdraw funds to the exchange.

According to the announcement, the process of opening an account is the same for NRIs spil with any other Indian, with the requirement of a few extra lumps of documentation.

The extra documents are:

Proof of Identity (Both Mandatory)

  1. Copy of relevant pages of passport
  2. Copy of valid visa/work permit
  1. Copy relevant pages of passport
  2. Tens unit bill
  3. Telephone bill
  4. Original copy of latest canap statement of account overseas
  5. Copy of employee ID card
  6. Copy of labor card
  7. Copy of social security card
  1. Cancelled/paid check of overseas handelsbank account
  2. Copy of proof of income/pay stub/tax come back

If you are an NRI, head overheen to the CoinSecure webpagina, create an account, submit thesis documents, and commence liking Bitcoin!

This is big news for all the Indians residing and working ter other countries who want to buy Bitcoin.

This is particularly big fresh if you are te a country which is not Bitcoin-friendly, spil now you can use your Indian NRO handelsbank account to purchase Bitcoin.

And when you have your shiny, fresh Bitcoin, you can embark to trade them and earn some truly good money. Just don’t let greed overtake you, and don’t think that Bitcoin is some get rich quick scheme.

Peak: If your risk appetite is low, my advice for you is to begin by investing a little amount that you don’t mind losing. If you understand the world of cryptocurrencies and how financial markets work, you can consider enhancing your investment. This is undoubtedly not one-size-fits-all investment advice and you should do your own research (#DYOR).

The most significant thing is this : Transfer your Bitcoin to your own wallet after making the purchase! Here is a guide that will help you to pick a Bitcoin wallet for long-term storage:

About CoinSecure:

CoinSecure can be used on your desktop browser, and if you are an Android phone user, their app is also pretty solid.

I personally choose using their Android app for purchasing and selling Bitcoin.

Here is a movie tutorial that will help you understand how to use the CoinSecure mobile app:

If you are an NRI with an NRO account, do share your practice of using CoinSecure with us ter the comments below. Wij would also love to know why you are buying Bitcoin. If you want to have a discussion around this topic, you can also embark a thread on the CoinSutra Bitcoin forum!

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