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Top Five Bitcoin Investment Sites – Invest Bitcoins for 20% ROI

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Spil bitcoins have become more popular and the market volatility has dropped, the profit you can make from simply buying and holding bitcoins has dropped significantly.

Fortunately, there is another way to make money with bitcoin: Peer to peer lending. Since this method is less traditional than many other methods, you can generate excellent comebacks on your investment with just a bit of research and wise decision making.

Keep reading to find out how you can achieve a 20% ROI each year on your bitcoin investment.

Bitcoin Investment – Best Practices

Before wij go into the top Five bitcoin investment sites, let’s voorkant how you can securely and securely invest your money. Since most bitcoin loans offerande a high rente rate, it’s more significant to verify the credibility of the person you’re loaning to rather than looking solely at the rente rate.

After setting up an account, there are several elements you should look for before choosing someone to loan your bitcoins to:

  • Solid credentials
  • Member of the webpagina for a sufficient period of time
  • Reputation and no negative reviews
  • Specific borrower interactions

Now that you’ve confirmed the reliability and credibility of the borrower, you can ultimately look into the rente rate of the investment. A few tips for lending money:

  • Find loans that are almost 100% funded. Thesis are likely more reliable.
  • Look for people that have already repaid some earlier loans.
  • Look for projects with very specific descriptions.

Now that you know how to identify a reliable person to loan money to, what zuigeling of loans you should look out for.

Here are the top Five investment sites for investing your bitcoins:

Webpagina 1:

BTCPop is the very first webpagina wij voorkant that permits you to lend to your peers using cryptocurrency technology. Their lending webpagina is based solely on reputation, not credit score, which has its own benefits and drawbacks. Go after the steps outlined above and you can minimize the risk of loaning out your money on this webpagina.

BTCPop also permits you to exchange your money into different cryptocurrencies, budge your money into large pools, and invest ter startups that are using the webpagina.

Webpagina Two:

BitLendingClub is another bitcoin lending webpagina that has overheen 2073 borrowers, 9963 loans funded totaling overheen $7,963,687, and overheen 4718 active investors. Te a few elementary steps, you can sign up, get verified, and submit a loan request. Or, you can help fund an active loan on the webpagina.

Webpagina Trio:

BitBond is the third bitcoin lending webpagina that wij suggest taking a look at. They suggest profitable rente rates for individual investors, spil well spil loans for petite businesses. BitBond successfully leverages bitcoin spil a technology and payment network to create the very first global market for puny business loans or immobilized income loans. With digital currency, BitBond makes loaning out to petite business quicker and lighter because they can bypass the slowness and expense of traditional payment transactions.

Webpagina Four:

Tether is a more recently created company that is built upon open blockchain technologies. It’s 100% backed, offers widespread integration, and is semi-transparent and secure with all of its transactions.

Tether offers solutions for blockchain companies, exchanges, and the individual trader, making it a very versatile solution for any number of exchanges. It also permits you to make transactions with several different cryptocurrencies, so you’re not limited to bitcoin.

Webpagina Five:

Last but not least is CoinStaker. They suggest a nice overview of how P2P bitcoin lending can work, and permit you to also gamble, trade, monitor, and buy your bitcoins.

If you choose P2P bitcoin lending spil a way to earn more bitcoin, do some thorough research on each of thesis sites before making a final decision. Peer to peer lending can be a good way to earn rente on your bitcoin, if you play it safe and make educated decisions about who you lend to. Be safe and love lending.

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