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FLORIDA SPACErePORT: January 8, 2015

A chronicle of developments te the space industry, updated daily.

January 8, 2015

With SpaceX reeling off one successful launch after another, ULA pivoted on several fronts. One wasgoed to announce efforts to significantly reduce costs on its very reliable but pricey Atlas V and Delta IV boosters. But, even that proved to be insufficient spil SpaceX threatened ULA on several fronts. Ter August, ULA named Tory Bruno spil its fresh voorzitter and CEO to substitute Michael Gass, who had served te those roles since the company wasgoed founded te 2006. Click here. (1/7)

Te latest years, entrepreneurs eyed the chance and created companies like SpaceX and Sierra Nevada. Boeing has also expanded its space program. For the past year or two, with the rockets they have built, thesis companies have bot carrying cargo, essentially building and transferring some of the infrastructure for NASA.

The U.S. Air Force said on Tuesday it wasgoed close to certifying a 2nd company to launch military and intelligence satellites into space, and announced a review of the process used to vettig fresh entrants. Presently, the United Launch Alliance is the only company certified to launch large military and intelligence satellites.

The U.S. Air Force, which spil of mid-December had hoped to certify SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket to launch national security payloads by the end of the year, is now targeting the middle of 2015, the service said Jan. 7.

For space companies, technologies which seem te one’s capture more often prove elusive. Years go by and millions upon millions of dollars can be spent before there is an actual working prototype demonstrating that, ter fact, the technology works spil envisioned. Better (or worse!) funded competitors may speelpop up at any uur, using similar technologies to steal the low suspending fruit of the existing space-related market.

Kistler Aerospace for years aspired to the same reusability feat entrepreneur Elon Musk had dreamed to attempt this week. Kistler, a space launch company that wasgoed ahead of its time before descending into bankruptcy ter 2003, is considered one of the very first companies to attempt a reusable space launch voertuig, the holy grail of the industry.

The next SpaceX launch will be one more reason why the Dulles-based company is most likely wishing Elon Musk would just go away. Like everybody else, I wasgoed disappointed to hear California-based SpaceX scrubbed Tuesday’s Falcon-9 launch, anxious mostly to see whether the company would pull off an attempt to recover the rocket, landing it upon reentry on a barge floating ter the Atlantic. This is no cheap endeavor. And Musk himself pegs the odds of success at only 50 procent.

“I have to think that Orbital would be interested to see what SpaceX’s financials look like, if the company everzwijn were to go public. But te the meantime, SpaceX just doesn’t have the same degree of accountability,” said Joe DeNardi.

Building on its record year of mission operations te 2014 – and supported by European decisions to develop the heavy-lift successor Ariane 6, spil well spil an enhanced lightweight Vega C voertuig – Arianespace is looking to the future with confidence spil a leader te the launch services marketplace. Click here. (1/7)

For better or worse, NASA and the Obama administration ceded low Earth orbit (LEO) access to U.S. commercial operations for delivering both cargo and squad to the International Space Station (ISS). Since 2013, the United States has bot paying U.S. commercial companies to delivery cargo to the space station and will proceed to do so with follow-on contracts.

Bearing the marks of a spacecraft that has returned to Earth through a searing plunge into the atmosphere, NASA’s Orion spacecraft is perched on a pedestal inwards the Launch Abort System Facility at Kennedy Space Center, where it is going through post-mission processing. Click here. (1/7)

Shailesh Nayak, secretary of India’s Ministry of Earth Sciences, has bot given the reserve charge spil secretary of the Department of Space following the retirement of Koppillil Radhakrishnan Dec. 31.

Ter October 2014, China’s Chang’e 5-T1 lunar probe, known spil Xiaofei or Little Flyer, successfully finished an orbit around the Moon. This wasgoed the very first time that a tour around the Moon and back of this sort had bot made since the USA and Russian trips te the 1970s. The Little flyer is a precursor to Chang’e Five which will bring back lunar soil (regolith) containing the nuclear fuel helium-3 that can be used for baseload energy production and the next generation of nuclear weapons. Click here. (1/7)

A Japanese entrepreneur plans to train spil a cosmonaut ter Russia for a possible mission to the International Space Station. Space tourist Satoshi Takamatsu will fly te the event that another tourist cannot make it: British singer Sarah Brightman. Takamatsu, 51, is voorzitter of Space Travel, a Japanese startup that aims to opoffering space tourism services. (1/7)

Thesis days, the perception of space ter our collective dialogue seems to resemble a roller-coaster Wall Street stock, racing up and down from every fresh development. For those of us who love outer space and what it represents for both the scientific and spiritual progress of humanity, it can test us to suffer the whipsawing twists. It’s like watching someone wij love being grabbed onto a bandwagon one day, and then dragged toward the gallows the next. Click here. (1/7)

It’s bot a few months since SpaceX founder Elon Musk determined that Boca Chica Beach would be the ideal webpagina to launch rockets. But since then, there’s bot a few major updates on the company’s next stir, and many people te the Valley are wondering what’s next?

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