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Free Litecoins List: Litecoin Faucets, Get-Paid-To ter Litecoin

How do you get free Litecoins to play around with them? Litecoins are a contesting crypto-currency to Bitcoin and is advertised spil the silver to Bitcoin’s gold. There are a lotsbestemming of rivaling crypto-currencies ter the market but Litecoin is the best known out of them all. It has also bot around the longest. Spil of writing this, the price of LTC/USD = $Two.7. That’s of reasonable value for a crypto-currency especially if it gets more widely adopted by the businesses.

The other good thing about Litecoins is that it has a very faithful core developer team who also were active te creating the Bitcoin and that makes a loterijlot of difference for the success of a crypto-currency. Litecoin also has a petite but sultry user-base. It aims to solve some of the problems of Bitcoin such spil providing a quicker verification system for transactions. Also, by using the Scrypt protocol instead of the SHA256, Litecoin can keep it interesting for the regular everyday miners (which is dying for Bitcoin given the advance of ASICs).

So how do you get some free Litecoin to attempt this out? I’ll update this list spil it grows, but here are the faucets that I found. Let mij know if I am missing any. Most of the faucets advertised on other blogs are out of date and don’t indeed give you Litecoins.

There are several ways to trade Litecoin for Bitcoin or other crypto-currencies. Cryptsy has historically bot the go-to place for Litecoin trading, but is slowing down significantly ter the last year or so. Poloniex is the fresh altcoin exchange on the rise. Bter is a Chinese exchange so remains active during off-peak hours te the Westelijk.

Earning Litecoins Online

Ter addition to Litecoin faucets, there are a few good Get-Paid-To (GPT) sites that pay out ter Litecoin, where you can usually make much more than Litecoin faucets and doesn’t require too much effort. Among the ones presently operating ter this niche, Prizes Live seems to be the only one that pays out te Litecoin. Ter fact, the webpagina pays out ter Bitcoin, Litecoin or Namecoin and also has options for bounty cards, if that’s your thing. There are many 3rd party applications on Prizes Live from surveys to watching movies to installing apps to playing games. The prizes are collected ter points and then paid out when you withdraw.

*Not Active Anymore* Professional Peak (Get-Paid-To te Litecoin): If you want to earn some quick Litecoins for puny tasks online, check out this webpagina . It permits you to redeem your points te LTC. It is very effortless to reach the payout. My dearest tasks are Virool Movies (you need to witness a movie for 30 seconds) and Supersonic Ads (lets you install some apps and pays pretty well) but there are many tasks that you can check out like listening to Loyalty Radio and getting 1mLTC every Ten minutes. Pays far higher than any of the faucets listed below, and there are many things you can do and increase your earnings.

QoinPro (confirmed): This pays you about 1-1.Five uLTC vanaf day without you having to do anything – no catch! Albeit not a very high pay, it’s totally free and you don’t need to come in captchas. It’s a verified paying webpagina and not a scam. Te addition to daily free Litecoin, you also get free Bitcoin and free Feathercoin every day. The payouts are different each day, but reminisce, you’re paid automatically without having to do anything. I’ve had a good practice so far.

Litecoin Faucet 1 (confirmed): You need to collect 10-15 uLTC to get the payout, which should take about 8-10 days to collect. If you do this every day, you can get there swifter spil there is a premie 5% if you visit the faucet everyday, so the fifth day, instead of the advertised amount, you’ll actually receive 1.25 times the award, upto a maximum of Two.0 times the shown award.

Litecoin Faucet Two (confirmed): Omschrijving of 100uBTC paid out te LTC. Can also be redeemed te BTC.

Litecoin Faucet Two (webpagina presently unavailable): This looks like a very promising Litecoin faucet. You get 1.075 mLTC vanaf 30 minutes and the verzekeringspremie prize multiplier can go up to 1.75x. The ondergrens payout is 0.04LTC or 40mLTC. Shouldn’t take too long for the payout.

Litecoin Faucet Trio (webpagina presently unavailable): This is a luck-based Litecoin faucet. You can come in your Litecoin address once a day and one winner will be selected. Honestly, I’ve never won here so not sure how legitimate the draw is. If you did win, please let mij know te the comments.

Litecoin Faucet Four (faucet presently dry but the webstek promises it will be back): This is presently dry but wasgoed one of the best Litecoin faucets when it wasgoed active. The webpagina has promised to bring this back when they are able to integrate this faucet with the surplus of the webpagina, so check back again. I’ll update the status of this spil soon spil it opens up again.

Free 0.1 Litecoin (one time)(opoffering presently closed): This is a one-time opoffering only. You need to join this webpagina, note the unique address and postbode it on this forum. You’ll get 0.1 LTC for doing this. You can either gamble with this free LTC or just withdraw it.

If you know of other ways to get free Litecoins, please let mij know.

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