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How To Buy Bitcoin ter Singapore

February 15, 2015 – Posted by Bobby Ong on Guides

Te our series of articles on how to buy bitcoin te Asia, wij previously covered how to buy bitcoin ter Malaysia. Wij will now look at how to buy bitcoin ter Singapore. This little island-state is one of the most developed countries ter Asia and has many Bitcoin exchanges despite its petite population. With clear guidelines from regulators, Singapore has become a hub for Bitcoin startups to establish a presence. The Association of Crypto-Currency Enterprises and Start-ups, Singapore (ACCESS) plays a role te fostering the development of the Bitcoin ecosystem on this nation. If you would like to read more about the Bitcoin landscape ter Singapore, TwoBitIdiot recently published &quot,Bitcoin ter Singapore&quot,.

1. Coinbase

Coinbase announced ter September 2015 that it is launching services ter Singapore. Coinbase makes it truly elementary to open a bitcoin wallet and buy your very first bitcoin. It integrates directly with your bankgebouw account to make purchases seamless. Coinbase is founded by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam. Brian used to be a software engineer ter AirBnB while Fred used to be a trader te Goldman Sachs before they both founded Coinbase. Coinbase has raised overheen US$106 million ter venture capital funding from several notable investors such spil Fresh York Stock Exchange, BBVA Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures. Use this verbinding and purchase S$100 worth of bitcoin to get an extra free S$Ten worth of bitcoin from Coinbase!

Two. CoinHako

CoinHako is the very first Bitcoin startup ter Asia to be picked by Silicon Valley-based incubator Boost VC, an incubator focused on accelerating Bitcoin companies. Founded by Yusho Liu and Gerry Eng, Coin Hako has bot called &ldquo,the best company coming out of Singapore&rdquo, by Adam Draper, CEO of Boost VC. After realizing how hard it is to buy bitcoin locally, Liu and Eng have made their objective clear – to bridge the gap inbetween Bitcoin and the non tech-savvy users. Buying and selling Bitcoin via CoinHako is almost instantaneous with a local Singapore bankgebouw account. CoinHako charges a 1.9% commission toverfee for each trade. Use the COINGECKO promo code to get discounted trading fees of 0.8%.

Trio. Luno

Luno (previously known spil BitX) is one of the latest exchanges to opoffering bitcoin buying/selling services ter Singapore. Founded te January 2013, Luno concentrates on emerging markets across Africa & Asia. Ter July 2015, Luno raised a US$Four million Series A funding round from Naspers, a South African media conglomerate and Digital Currency Group. Te December 2015, Luno raised a further funding round from Venturra Capital, a South East Asian focused VC rigid based te Indonesia. Luno has slick iOS and Android apps for users and are presently charging 0% promotional buying/selling fees for BTC/SGD trades.

Four. Coin Republic

Coin Republic is Singapore&rsquo,s premier bitcoin brokering service. Founder, David Moskowitz used to also run the very first contant out capable bitcoin vending machine ter Singapore. Coin Republic’s pricing is semi-transparent with no hidden spreads. A straight commission is charged on trades where the bitcoin buy/sell price is determined by the exchanges that Coin Republic uses to buy and sell with. David has written an article explaining how bitcoin brokers charge fees.

Five. itBit

itBit brings Bitcoin exchange ter Singapore to a entire fresh level by suggesting a global toneelpodium for trading bitcoin te USD, SGD and EUR to investors and traders. Mainly targeting the financial industry, itBit wants to provide a podium for investors to reach out and utilize Bitcoin innovatively. For enhanced security, there is a withdrawal holding period for all withdrawals te both bitcoin and Fiat currency. It is something to keep ter mind, if withdrawal urgency is of concern when using itBit.

The co-founders of itBit, Richmond Teo and Jason Melo, bring to the table their vast practice te financial services. The company received USD3.25 million te funding from Canaan Playmates, RRE Ventures, Liberty City Ventures and notable weerhaak investors, Jay W. Jordan II and Ben Davenport. Antony Lewis, the director of business development at itBit and also current Voorzitter of ACCESS has written extensively on cryptocurrencies such spil this article comparing Ripple to the Hawala network.


Run by Dealworks Pte Ltd, FYB-SG is the very first and oldest Bitcoin exchange te Singapore. FYB-SG boasts effortless and translucent transactions, with their open Order Book feature providing customers total transparency. They also feature low trade fees of only 0.6%, along with instant bitcoin withdrawals and SGD Deposit/Withdrawals via local banks. Founder, Luv Khemani believes that cryptocurrencies are here to stay and sees the free market spil the best way to determine the value of bitcoin.

7. CRXzone

CRXzone, incorporated te Singapore spil Intellect Market Pte. Ltd. wasgoed founded ter February 2014. Customers can trade bitcoin, litecoin and dogecoin on the toneelpodium. CEO, Pawan Kumar has 25-year practice ter the IT industry and has bot involved te digital payment networks since the E-gold days. CRXzone separates itself from the other Singapore-based exchanges by providing several unique funding options such spil OKPAY, Egopay and PerfectMoney on top of canap transfers. For extra security, withdrawals are processed by hand by a member of the staff.

8. Bitcoin Exchange ATM

Bitcoin Exchange Pte. Ltd. provided Singapore with its very first Bitcoin Vending Machine at Citylink Mall. Bitcoin Exchange, co-founded by Zann Kwan, has large plans for outfitting South East Asia with Bitcoin Vending Machines. The machine at Citylink Mall has bot moved to Chinatown/Kreta Ayer at WorkLOR, 531 Upper Cross Street, Hong Lim Sophisticated, #03-11, Singapore 050531. Bitcoin ATMs is the fastest way for beginners to obtain puny amounts of bitcoin spil all one needs to do is insert metselspecie into the machine and provide a QR code Bitcoin address. There is no registration or handelsbank transfers required and the transaction can be ended instantly. Presently this Bitcoin ATM is a one-way buy-bitcoin only machine but Zann has plans to introduce two-way buy/sell-bitcoin ATMs te the future.

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