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How To Buy Litecoin: Your Top Five Ways To Buy With Ease

Litecoin Overview

Litecoin is the very first fork of Bitcoin. The Litecoin cryptocurrency has all attributes of its superset and more. It wasgoed created by Charlie Lee for a quicker transaction processing because it generates more blocks than Bitcoin.

Litecoin Wallet

Like every other cryptocurrency, Litecoin is spil well stored ter digital wallets, and there are some wallets that you can cozily use to save your Litecoins. Litecoin Core, developed by the Litecoin Development team is one of your best choices. The Electrum LTC wallet also is a third-party application that can also keep your litecoin cryptocurrencies secured. Good options for your litecoin mobile wallets would be Jaxx, LoafWallet, and Coinomi. While for Hardware wallets, the Ledger Nano S and Trezor are most secured of all wallets to use.

How And Where To Buy Litecoin?

If you would love to hold some Litecoins but not interested te mining them, or you don&rsquo,t have the devices for mining. You can always purchase from your close friends or buy from exchanges either buy exchanging for other cryptocurrencies or paying metselspecie or credit/debit card for Litecoins.

Here are top Five places where you can buy Litecoin:

Coinbase Exchange is the most popular place you can think of to purchase cryptocurrencies, litecoin included. Depending on your country, you can fund your account on the podium with a bankgebouw transfer or make a onmiddellijk purchase with your credit or debit card. Using cards to purchase is available for citizens of the United States, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Singapore. Using ACH transfer for Americans take inbetween 5-7 days and the SEPA transfer for those te Europe takes inbetween 1-3 days. Fees for credit card purchases are at about Trio.99% while for canap account transfers are approximately 1.49% vanaf purchase.

For those who already know about cryptocurrencies and also hold some, the Bitfinex Exchange toneelpodium may be your best option. Here you need to fund your account with the same amount of Litecoin you want to purchase te Bitcoin. After that, there is a trading environment where you can exchange your Bitcoin for Litecoin at the current market price. The purchase is instant, and ter a ogenblik, you should have your Litecoins ready to be sent out to your outer wallet.

Similar to Bitfinex. It&rsquo,s also an exchange webpagina that conveniently converts your Bitcoin or other alternative cryptocurrencies into Litecoin. The clause with Bittrex however is you vereiste be verified before you can make any withdrawals from the toneel so you should make sure you have all the requirements ready and uploaded for verification before you send ter your Bitcoins. Otherwise, you wouldn&rsquo,t be able to withdraw any of the Litecoins you just bought.

Changelly (Convert Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies for Litecoin)

Changelly is a unique zuigeling of exchange where purchasing of one cryptocurrency for another is done without the need to store your coins on an exchange. It&rsquo,s done merely by converting your currencies from one wallet to another within seconds. With Changelly, you specify the amount of Bitcoin or any other coins you have to switch into Litecoin, and it displays how much Litecoins you get for that transaction. By clicking on the Exchange button and specifying your litecoin wallet address, you are set to receive your coins te some few minutes.

The ShapeShift exchanger functions precisely like the Changelly. It wasgoed the very first to come up with the concept.

For mobile application users, when you install the Coinomi mobile wallet, you get the option to convert your coins efficiently using Changelly or ShapeShift.

Wij hope this petite guide will help you buy Litecoin

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