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This is the pagina where you can learn about microCoin and investing. Here you will be guided on how, why and when to invest ter microCoin.

The very first thing to look at when attempting to understand how microCoin deflates and inflates te value is to look at its block prizes. There’s a chart below that explains how the block prizes ascend and descend with time. This is a very basic thing. When the block prizes get higher, more microCoin are made, miners make more profit and more money is needed to sustain the value. This of course means that the market can’t support higher amounts of microCoin each day, so the price needs to go lower spil block prizes go higher. It doesn’t always go 100% like predicted, but this is something that should be expected or at the very least noted. You can always see what block wij are on and what the block prize is from block explorer. The block prize is the same spil the block number up until block 160,000. (ie. block #40,000=40,000MRC, block # 50,000=50,000MRC, and so on.) At block 160,000 this will end and the block prizes embark descending by 1 MRC for each block. (ie. block #160,000=160,000MRC, block # 160,001= 159,999MRC, and so on.) Why this is significant for investors to know is that this is when deflation starts. Miners keep getting less with each block and less microCoin is produced each day. This means scarcity goes up and thus value. So theoretically the best time to buy microCoins would be at the top, around block 160,000, but if you look at the big picture, you’ll see that anytime even near the top is the best time to buy spil the block prize will end up at below Ten,000 within a few months after deflation starts. Of course scarcity isn’t the only thing that gives a currency value, but fortunately that’s not all there is to microCoin. Keep reading if you want to know more.After microCoin commence to be total POS (Proof Of Stake) coin, mining is not available any more.

This means, microCoins will be generated only with stake blocks.There is around Legal BIL micros mined and POS stake prize is only 1 Mil / year.

Comparing with bitcoins which are minted around 14MIL, there is 1000 times more microCoins on market.Because microCoin not spend electrical play for keeping network alive, and because MRC can get only buying it, value can not compare only with amount, but may give some figure.POS network will be alive spil long there is at least Two wallets on network. Miners are not needed.

microCoin is alcurEX exchange main currency which gives some value for the coins, because there is voortdurend market place trading microCoins.

Long term project for micro is to be effortless to use payment currency.

Last update (Trio.0) will permit merchants use payment reference with payments and verify transactions meteen from block chain without wallet installations.

Before wij discuss the growing third-party value of microCoin wij’ll look at its inherent features very first and why they are significant to investors. Bitcoin uses SHA-256, which is ASIC-mineable. Litecoin uses scrypt, which is not ASIC-mineable, but FPGA mineable (FPGA miners are practically ASIC miners that aren’t spil powerful). microCoin uses scrypt-jane with a variable nFactor. This means that microCoin is not ASIC or FPGA-mineable. Why this is significant to investors is because GPU miners always need something to mine.

Spil more GPU miners come, the average amount each person gets lowers, which means they have less motivation to sell their mining profits and the price will rise accordingly until they are sated with their minig profits.

So the more GPU miners, the higher the price should be. Presently GPU miners are still able to profit from scrypt-currencies, but when FPGA miners become more lightly available this will switch.

So miners not got microCoins free.

They spent computers and electro-therapy to got it.

Spil early investors always, they share risks and they will share very first investors profits.

So far micros have bot profitable invest, but value is still utterly low and if you believe our mission, this will be good time step te micro invest.

But always reminisce golden advice: Do not invest money you cannot afford to lose.

Future of microCoin

All updates and fresh features are informed te here and on microCoin bitcointalk thread spil well.

If wij need to update coin, wij can do it quick.

Source code will be open forever.

Latest update is payment reference.

This project will proceed with building payment modules and services for the merchants.

Future simply project wij have is get micros accepted all overheen the world.

If you have ideas for the microCoin, spread it loosely on micro btctalk thread.

Welcome to invest on fair crypto, microCoin

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