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It – s Official: Very first Bitcoin Lightning Network Payment Finished, The Daily Hodl

The very first real mainnet transaction using the Bitcoin Lightning Network is te the books.

Bitrefill software developer Alex Boxworth says he paid his latest phone bill with no fees, and the transaction went through instantaneously.

Mainnet Lightning Network paying my actual phone bill with actual Mainnet funds on @bitrefill. Speed: Instant. Toverfee: Zero. Future: Almost Here.

The Lightning Network is an off-chain scaling solution designed to dramatically improve Bitcoin’s notoriously slow and expensive transactions.

Bitrefill permits you to purchase pre-paid mobile phone plans with Bitcoin and Litecoin ter more than 100 countries.

The news should bring some ease for many Bitcoin believers who have observed market share slide to competitors such spil Ripple, which presently offers significantly quicker and cheaper transactions. It should also relieve cryptocurrency enthusiasts who have bot investing ter altcoins, only to observe their valuations nosedive each time Bitcoin plummets on news of high fees and slow transaction times. Several indicators point to tremendous promise for cryptocurrencies ter 2018.

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Lane C Wagner

YES. Bitcoin will be hefty te 2018.

Your perspective is shallow

Hmmm, you indeed think Bitcoin glided to “competitors” like Ripple? You’re comparing a centralized, premined currency to Bitcoin? There are always ebbs and flows, but the entire sea is clearly rising all the way around the cryptosphere. The entire Ripple thing is somewhat of a fad and while I believe that most brainy BTC holders did diversify further when BTC wasgoed at $19k, it’s not some sort of uittocht of any sort by any means. It’s not because Ripple is swifter and cheaper and Bitcoin isn’t “plummeting on news of high fees and slow transaction times”. Keep thinking this way and you’ll be hopping from coin to coin every year, then every month spil tech evolves. It’s fine for taking USD gains if you’re a trader.

If you listen to random strangers online, especially ter a time when wij have so many newcomers on the toneel, it is suicidal. It’s superb to diversify but don’t be a idiot thinking that Ripple is any sort of competitor to Bitcoin. Now that clever holders have diversified, it’s eyes on Bitcoin and advancing the cryptocurrency industry spil a entire with 2nd layer solutions. Eventually all cryptos will be connected via a larger system that is instantaneously rapid, it’s not an punt. There are slew of promising alts with different applications, but everybody wishes they could go back ter time to mine more Bitcoin. Some of thesis less valuable coins are essentially cheap counterfeits of the Original Blockchain te a way. If you think an OG holder is going to fork overheen all his Bitcoins for Ripple (or some of thesis other penny coins) you have a misunderstanding of the entire history and creation of the market spil a entire.


Your comment wasgoed better than the article…well said.

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