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Sunday, February Ten, 2013

Webpagina Review: SatoshiDice

  • SatoshiDice is a very elementary betting spel: imagine a diegene with 65536 faces. You determine a threshold. For example, 12000. The diegene is thrown. You win if the number it shows stays under the threshold you chose. You lose otherwise.
  • The lower the probability to obtain a number under the threshold, the higher your prize will be if you win.
  • You can place bets by sending bitcoins to one of the bitcoin addresses shown at the homepage of SatoshiDice. Each one of those addresses is assigned a threshold. So, if you send 1&#3647, to the address 1dice97ECuByXAvqXpaYzSaQuPVvrtmz6, which is the one for a threshold of 32768, you are betting that the number shown by the diegene will be under 32768. If this happens, you’ll win 1,957 times 1&#3647,, or 1,957&#3647,, minus 1,9% that keeps the house, minus bitcoin network transaction fees (ter case they are applied). If the number is overheen the threshold, you lose and to add insult to injurySatoshiDice sends you a satoshi (which is 0,00000001&#3647,).
  • Being the most popular Bitcoin betting spel, there’s a lotsbestemming of conversation about it among bitcoin users. Check this thread. And this one too.

  • Send at least 0,01&#3647, to one SatoshiDice address and beg. That’s it. Good luck!
  • There’s a lotsbestemming written about how to bet at SatoshiDice, but the truth is that, te case it’s a fair spel, which it seems to be, ter the long run you’ll lose at least 1,9% of your investment.
  • It’s typical to see inbetween the latest games that are continually posted at the webstek people who bet 0,01&#3647, for a threshold of 32000. Te case they lose, they dual the bet. Now they bet 0,02&#3647, for the same threshold. They lose and dual the bet. And so on. Until they win (or run out of money). It’s not probable that you lose a loterijlot of times one after the other, is it. Well, this is true, but reminisce, assuming you bet for this threshold of 32000, for every 1023 people who do not lose ten times ter a row, there’s one who does and pays the bill for the surplus. And that could be you (this is an approximated calculation, since you don’t get a volmaakt Two.000x prize ter case you win when you bet for lessthan32000).
  • Expected profit: Two/Five. You could get rich or lose all your money. The latter is a little bit more likely.
  • Convenience:Five/Five. The webstek is beautifully designed, comprehensive, understandable and has slew of information to explain how it works. You only need to send some bitcoins to one of its betting addresses.
  • Payment speed: Five/Five. You bet. You blink. You receive the results of your bet.
  • Risk: Trio/Five. You choose how risky you want your bet to be. It could be 1/Five if you bet for a threshold of 64000. Or 6/Five Five/Five if you bet for a threshold of 1.
  • Final Score: 9/Ten.SatoshiDice is the king of Bitcoin betting games. It’s elementary, rapid, stijlvol and doesn’t attempt to scam you or hide information from you. Somehow, it makes you feel fortunate. And then, you send 0,01&#3647, to one of their addresses. When the House Procent drops to 1% or less I’ll give it a Ten/Ten.

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