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The Only Ten Bitcoin Stock Photos You – ll Everzwijn See

Bitcoin: you can’t see it, you can’t touch it, but you’ve still got to find some way to illustrate an article about it day after day, week after week.

It’s actually a trade secret te the bitcoin industry that there are only Ten types of bitcoin stock pictures te existence, with the illusion of diversity being created by making slight variations of thesis template pictures and hoping despairingly that none of the readers will notice.

Ter this feature, CoinDesk explains the secret meaning behind the only bitcoin photos you’ll everzwijn see.

Be warned, the world may never look the same again.

1. The Miner

You know the superb thing about ‘mining’ spil a metaphor? There’s a ton of pictures of it.

But since modern mines actually look like the set of a Lord of the Rings movie, it’s better to picture the golden age of mining, where a hobo with a strong back and a fantasy could hitch his way out to the Klondike and come back richer than your grandma’s beef stew.

What’s the hashrate of that pickaxe, pardner?

Two. The Bitbrain

Look at this fellow: he’s got bitcoin on the brain, literally.

He can’t think of anything else. “Dedicated”, you might think, “good for him”. What you don’t know is that he’s leisurely starving to death ter his apartment because he hasn’t stopped watching the price ticker for 72 hours straight, his gf left because he spent more time on r/btc than he did with hier, and now he won’t even response calls from his mom.

Trio. The Skyline

The year is 2025, the place, somewhere finance-y, most likely Asia because they’re already a little bit ter the future.

Dramatically lit skyscrapers loom te the background, adorned with some form of the bitcoin logo and a liberal use of the Photoshop glow filterzakje.

Disembodied symbols float through the air: stock charts, talk bubbles, perhaps a Wi-Fi sign or two: it’s like William Gibson writing a dramatized version of Roger Verafgelegen’s twitter feed.

‘The Skyline’ tells you that the future of money is here and it’s going to gargle your little mind.

Four. The Triple-M

Waterput the bitcoin on ya phone, bada-bing bada-boom, three words for ya kind: magic mobile money.

Five. The Counterpoint

You know what people te the bitcoin community never talk about? The fact that cryptocurrency is better than fiat.

So just to be absolutely clear, here’s a picture of a bitcoin hitting fiat currency ter some way: displacing the dollar, outperforming the pound, roundhousing the rupee, fencing the frank, knifing the naira, boxing the baht, wristlocking the riyal, and powerbombing the peso off the top strap into a stengel chair.

You get the idea.

6. The Blockchain: Reloaded

“Let mij tell you why you’re here. You’re here because you felt something. You’ve felt it your entire life: There’s something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is, but it’s there. Like a splinter te your mind. Driving you mad. It is this feeling that has brought you to mij. Do you know what I’m talking about?”

“Do you want to know what it is. “

7. The Collage

Time wasgoed, if you wished to make a collage you had to go to the trouble of finding some magazines, cutting out pictures, gluing them together . but no more! Thesis days you can stitch together a mighty transferred visual metaphor quicker than you can say ‘successful businessman’.

So here’s a peak: combine any object with a picture of some circuitry and you’re showcasing that it’s like that thing – but more tech.

A globe and some wires? The Internet! Money and a motherboard? Bitcoin! You can attempt it out at huis, but be careful, kids.

8. The Point of Sale

[Executive 1]: Tompkins, bitcoins don’t have a physical form. There’s no way wij can photograph them. It’s unlikely.

[Executive Two]: But the deadline is te two hours! You and I both know wij’re finished at this rock hard if wij don’t come up with something. Think, dammit. Think.

[Exec 1, calmly]: What if. what if you dressed up spil a man who. accepts bitcoin?

[Exec Two]: That’s so crazy it just might work! Get mij a chalkboard and my best tie, stat!

9. The Lock ‘n’ Key

Sure, storing bitcoins securely thesis days means putting them te a triple factor cold storage nuclear bunker ter space, but isn’t that basically the same spil locking it with a big lock? I thought so.

This picture represents the zuigeling of safety and security that wij had ter the good old days when the world wasgoed still made up of physical things that you could touch.

“Recall physical things?” you’ll say one day overheen a pint of cybeer te your favourite VR tapkast. “Things were fine weren’t they? Back when they were actually made of stuff. They don’t build ’em like that any more do they?”

Then you’ll pay the tabulator te Ultracoin Ten.Five Classic Plus and vanish off into the void.

Ten. The HUD

Who is this man? What kleuter of display is he using? Are wij trapped te the laptop? Is he sending a bitcoin ransom to get us out, or will Tom Cruise zekering it before it even happens?

Wij may never know.

The people at Shutterstock have gladly ready a fatter selection of pictures for all your bitcoin stock photo needs. Take a look here!

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