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Why Microsoft Has Switched Its Mind About Bitcoin Again

Despite the latest announcement, Microsoft confirms that it does accept the currency.

The potential for a digital currency is commencing to capture our imagination spil wij start to gravely debate the professional’s and cons of block chain technology. Just overheen a year ago Microsoft leaped on the bandwagon early and pridefully announced they would be accepting Bitcoin payments ter the Microsoft store.

Facing onveranderlijk accusations of being stuck te the past, this seemed to be an amazingly forward thinking stir by the tech giant. Until Softpedia discovered what appeared to be a switch of heart on the official Microsoft webstek. The headline “Microsoft Store doesn’t accept Bitcoin” predictably went viral online spil tech sites dissected the premature stir.

It seemed a little odd that the decision to liquidate Bitcoin came at the uur when the concept of electronic money is on the edge of going mainstream. Albeit the average user still has a very limited understanding of this technology, it’s significant to recall that a record $1 billion has bot invested te Bitcoin firms so far.

Microsoft are masters of the U-turn and quickly backtracked by announcing “Wij proceed to support Bitcoin for adding money to your Microsoft account which can be used for purchasing content te the Windows and Xbox stores. Wij apologize for inaccurate information that wasgoed inadvertently posted to a Microsoft webpagina, which is presently being corrected”

One of the major tech players walking away from digital currency would have bot amazingly embarrassing at this key stage of our digital transformation. But it remains unclear spil to how this level of awkwardness wasgoed self inflicted by Microsoft on their own webstek.

Latest news also suggested that Ethereum is on the edge of overtaking Bitcoin te the digital currency stakes. But, with forty of the world’s thickest banks now testing block-chain unie trading, wij are just beginning to understand the opportunities that could convert an entire industry.

When wij combine this titillating potential with the famous quote by Bill Gates “wij always overestimate the switch that will occur ter the next two years and underestimate the switch that will toebijten te the next ten. Don’t let yourself be lulled into inaction.” It brings a certain amount of irony to Microsoft’s original postbode on their webstek.

There is no doubt that wij are presently undergoing a digital transformation. Entire industries are being disrupted by technology with the likes of Uber and AirBnB creating a fresh digital landscape. Technology should be used to take the old way of doing things and make them more efficient for modern business.

The finance industry has already recognized the disruption on the horizon. Banks are actively working with technologists to determine the best way forward that will ultimately result te a dramatic rethink of an out-of-date system.

The ultimate aim is for the finance industry to catch-up and embrace the technology that will permit both users and organizations to be more efficient and productive. With an enlargening investment te this area and the technology being on the edge of going mainstream. Maybe Microsoft listened to the wise words of Bill Gates before calmly pulling the butt-plug after all.

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